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#Slimepunk is gushing out

#Slimepunk is gushing out Move over, beachgoers; winter is here, the ocean is dead and full of crap and garbage and it’s time for #slimepunk I guess. The grody green sludge has replaced the summer #seapunk URLifestyle as the top thing to post about when you have nothing better to do. Talk about slime! Discuss scum and yucky trash with your crud-bud; gab about goo on the go thanks to cool + popular devices like iPhones. Wear something green, it doesn’t matter what just wear some green and may the luck of the Irish be with you, dingus.

The people behind the new buzzword are essentially the same as those responsible for #seapunk (Diamond Black Hearted Boy especially) only now with crippling Gak addictions. While there have been few slimepunk releases, here’s a pretty slick new mini-mix from Minneapolis-based Tennis Rodman, the 15-minute Death Of Slime // ?????? [I ATE MY OWN BRAINZ]. Featuring tracks from Shlohmo and Quitter, among others, it’s definitely a mix with the word ‘slime’ in the name. I already feel like this trend is pretty much the Secret of The Lose but I’m still willing to run with it; just a sucker for the sticky green I guess.

Published January 16, 2012.