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Space Dimension Controller secures the Pathway to Tiraquon6

Space Dimension Controller secures the Pathway to Tiraquon6 It was one of those nights why people like us go to clubs: experiencing something memorable although we’re doing everything to our brain to make it forget things. Leisure System’s 3rd anniversary party was being held at Berghain then, it was around 3 in the morning when Space Dimension Controller took over Panorama Bar. While everybody was still pumped by Lando Kal’s dubstep and jungle set, the northern irish producer took over the floor with Phil Collins’ contribution to the ‘Lion King‘ OST from 1994 – could a club set start any better than feeling it coming in the air that night? I guess not. With the announcement of his new EP – ‘The Pathway to Tiraquon6’, out on R&S Records in mid October 2011 – Space Dimension Controller now continues telling his intergalactic adventure of war, slavery and a new hope.

The release will tell the story of Mr. 8040, a virtual resistance fighter who successfully escaped the invasion of planet earth by alien forces in the year 2257 AD. After a long odyssey through the outskirts of the universe, the remaining parts of slave-free mankind finally found and settled on a new planet in the Mikrosector-50, called Tiraquon6. Mr. 8040 was made Deputy Space Dimension Controller, but during a micron accelerator accident the future day, he was brought back in time to the year 2009 – years after Walt Disney’s commercially successful animation flic and its soundtrack.

While ‘The Pathway to Tiraquon6’ tells the fictional journey from earth and its alien assault, mankind’s escape with space vessels into deep space, the adventures of security officer Max Tiraquon and the population of his discovery, planet Tiraquon6, Space Dimension Controller’s music follows just slightly more earthly guidelines: from ambient and glitch to electronica and 8-bit elements, from cosmic disco to bass and hiphop. Galactic funk is more or less the genre that the human being (or: artist) behind the character Space Dimension Controller, Twentysomething producer Jack Hamill from Belfast, would prefer for his music. It’s of course mainly dance music, just the packaging and the track titles refer to the bigger picture, just as in his previous releases ‘The Love Quadrant’, ‘Temporary Thrillz’ and ‘Journey to the Core of the Unknown Space’ (both from 2010).

Does this sound strange? Somehow indeed. But on the other hand the idea of connecting one’s music with a virtual identity isn’t that new. Think of Kraftwerk’s ‘Roboter’. And everybody slightly familiar with surf music might recall the brilliant Man … Or Astro-Man?, who adapted the imagery of science fiction, space and time travelling to their music in the mid 90s. I guess I don’t need to mention John Carpenter, Perry Rhodan and such … More stories of space and adventure with Mr. 8040, Max Tiraquon, Xymah the Usurper and the Tiraquon Security Council will follow in 2012 AD, when Space Dimension Controller will release his debut album ‘Welcome to Mikrosector-50’.

Space Dimension Controller – Pathway to Tiraquon6 Preview

Space Dimension Controller @ UNiT EM

Space Dimension Controller – The Pathway to Tiraquon6:
01. Feature Presentation 
02. 2257 AD 
03. Pulsovian Invasion 
04. Last Sunset On Planet Earth 
05. Usurper 
06. Flight Of The Escape Vessels 
07. Confined To Deep Space 
08. Max Tiraquon 
09. Floating Blind Through Blue Trails 
10. Tiraquons Return (A New Home) 
11. Closing Titles

Published September 26, 2011.