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Space Dimension Controller starts label

Space Dimension Controller starts label

Space Dimension Controller, the über-talented producer who has been providing electronic thrills from the 22nd century via labels such a Royal Oak and R&S is to set up a new label of his own – Basic Rhythm which lifts its name (literally) from the Roland 808 drum machine.

Speaking exclusively to the Teshno blog, SDC, aka Jack Hamill said

"Basic Rhythm is a new label from the heart and mind of Mr. 8040, also known as Space Dimension Controller. With a passion for music of all varieties, the label will concern itself with electronic sounds that have a keen melodic side and pleasing sense of funk, groove or rhythm, no matter the genre. Watch out for upcoming releases from a diverse spread of artists."

With his forthcoming second album due to be released via R&S some point this year, this seems like the perfect opportunity to get some Space Dimension controlled music in your life.

Published March 24, 2011.