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Spatial’s “Opti-Sonic” Video Starts A Strange Dialogue Between the Eyes and Ears

There’s a battering quality to the sound of Spatial’s “Phasor Count,” a track taken from his audio-visual project, Primitives. At first, the harsh frequencies seem at odds with the flickering geometric shapes of its visual counterpart, which look kind of like they leapt off wallpaper from the 1970s. However, several minutes into the video, the balance shifts. The constantly-morphing visuals and those analog synth patterns start to bear more of a resemblance to hypnotic Tangerine Dream than Russell Haswell in freak-out mode. It makes sense that Spatial calls his work on Primitives “opti-sonic,” because this stuff really opens up a strange dialogue between the eyes and ears.

The Primitives EP is out on BROKEN20 on October 20th.

Published October 15, 2014. Words by EB Team.