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Stream 776 Seconds of Bass Clef’s 12,000 Seconds Series

Ralph Cumbers’ most conspicuous dance music releases as Bass Clef and Some Truths have arrived courtesy of experimental bastions from PAN to Mordant Music, but much of his strongest work (IMO) has been issued by his tiny, no-bullshit tape label, Magic + Dreams. So I was obviously ecstatic when I received word that the imprint’s launching a series called 12,000 Seconds in which four producers were given free reign within the parameters of eight specific track lengths, which add up to the grand total.

M + D has offered us the opportunity to premiere 776 seconds of the series here, which amounts to four tracks from each of the four artists, each of which clocks in at 3 minutes and 14 seconds. There’s an ambitious logic in pairing Punch Drunk boss Peverelist’s precise club music and Ashley Paul’s fractured, intimate songs with Hacker Farm’s and Vi’s degraded analog experiments, but the motley crew holds together  wonderfully. Peverelist’s “Caught a Glimpse” is, to my ears, devastatingly excellent.

The first installments of the 12,000 Seconds series come out November 10th via Magic + Dreams.

Published October 15, 2014. Words by laurietompkins.