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Stream free Ja Ja Ja compilation ft. When Saints Go Machine

Stream free Ja Ja Ja compilation ft. When Saints Go Machine Ja Ja Ja is probably best known as an established club night in London, which invites the most interesting and enthralling talent from the Nordic countries to come and show the city what they’re all about. Now the time has come for the second anniversary of Ja Ja Ja, and they’re celebrating it with a party in London and a free compilation available to stream below. We’re beyond ready for some Scandinavian music, and if you can’t make it to London, you might join us at our next Electronic Beats Festival in Zagreb, featuring the Danish alt-pop maestros When Saints Go Machine! But for now, grab the mix below. Here’s the full listing:

Karin Park – Tiger Dream (Photek Radio remix) (Sweden)
Sóley – I’ll Drown (Iceland)
Niki & The Dove – The Fox (Sweden)
Young Dreams – Young Dreams (Norway)
When Saints Go Machine – Kelly (Denmark)
Lára Rúnars- In-Between (Iceland)
Team Me – Dear Sister (Norway)
Bodebrixen – I Was Sad & You Were Lonely (Dreamtrak remix) (Denmark)
Zebra and Snake – Empty Love Song (Finland)
Hymns from Nineveh – Anywhere With You (Denmark)
Kira Kira – Welcome High Frequency Spirits United (Iceland)
Deathcrush – Lesson #2 (for Cliff Burton) (Norway)
Årabrot – Madonna Was A Whore (Norway)

Ja Ja Ja’s Retrospective Anniversary Album (stream) by Ja Ja Ja

Published November 14, 2011.