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Sword and Scythe: Electro-shamanism

Sword and Scythe: Electro-shamanism Under the name Sword and Scythe, Zsolt Prieger known as the founder of eclectic Hungarian pop band Anima Sound System and his band mate Gábor Gergácz have revealed a new mixtape called The Hun mixtape /Chapter 1. Their new techno project is an experimental attempt to recall dance music memories and melt typical sounds and retro-feeling of the 90s into a powerful, eclectic and characteristic fun mixture flavoured with local spiritual heritage.

Featuring vocals of MC Fedora and some effects and samples of ancient instruments the sound has been described as “Hi-NRG, house, euro-dance, tech-hip-hop and the magical tradition of Attila the hun.” Sun God, pagan magic, sky-high trees and cosmic force are the mythical symbols used here and somehow it reminds us a bit to the seapunk movement and its approach, how they reinterpret 90s’music and visual culture in a fresh way. We can’t wait the upcoming Sword and Scythe videos and we hope it will serve as an exciting trip also combined with unique visual world.

Listen to and download the mixtape below and make yourself ready for more dance and joy as Sword and Scythe will start their live show and spectacular performance this summer.

Published March 12, 2012. Words by Andras G. Varga.