Alixander III – Five Things On Tour

Alixander III  - Five Things On Tour Being on the road for most of the time can become a bit of a bore, so to stop from going mad, there are some essential tour items for every musician (or so we reckon). We caught up with Azari & III‘s knob twiddling producer, Alixander III, to find out his five essential things that never leave his bag.

1. Percocets

2. Endless amounts of socks

3. Portable Recording Studio

4.1000+ page book

5. Devotion to my wife

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AZARI & III’s Alixander III releasing solo EP

AZARI & III's Alixander III releasing solo EP Alixander III, founding member of futurist house band Azari & III is putting out a solo E.P of club tracks later this month. Released on Get The Curse music, sometime home to Crackboy and Photonz, the ‘Schlamm’ EP contains four tracks of robust, electro-techno inspired acid-house “for discerning DJs who refuse to fall for the clichés of mainstream dance music and who have the confidence to unleash such powerful tracks on the dancefloor”. Now usually we’d scoff at such hyperbole but listening to the tracks at a chest crushing volume, as I am now, I feel like fighting, dancing and jak-attacking the next person that comes through the door. Massive.

You can also catch Azari & III on the Electronic Beats Recommends club tour, with support form When Saints Go Machine. Full details here.

Alixander III – Schlamm EP (gtcm008) by getthecurse

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