Alec Empire donates Sony fee to Anonymous Solidarity Network

Alec Empire donates Sony fee to Anonymous Solidarity Network In a gleeful act of vengeance, Alec Empire has set Sony against itself. The Atari Teenage Riot frontman recently posted on his tumblr that he was donating the fee collected from a Sony Vita advert featuring ‘Black Flags’ to FreeAnons, a support network for Anonymous members seeking prosecution. Says Empire:

“…when the request for the Sony Vita ad landed on my lap,
I put ‘Black Flags’ into it…it was all hectic and they okayed it. We needed to tie up a few lose ends on this, until it became unstoppable, that’s why we had to wait to reveal that Atari Teenage Riot donate their $$$ to I cross checked they can’t stop the track from appearing in the OWS online clips of
ATR/Anonymous etc… which makes it even more fun.”

LOL indeed. Check the full post here, and watched the wounding ad below.

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Megaupload – dead or alive?

Megaupload - dead or alive? So Megaupload. You might have already heard about it: in the midst of the international debate about controversial US anti copyright infringement laws SOPA and PIPA, the FBI shut down Megaupload, a file-hosting website and arrested six people, as well as MU’s founder, German-Finnish entrepreneur Kim Schmitz aka Mount Kimbie Kim Dotcom, yesterday.

As if that wasn’t ironic enough Universal Music tried to take down the popular, celebrity-driven ‘Megaupload Mega Song’ in late December ’11. Then the anti-censorship movement Anonymous brought down Universal’s website (as well as those of RIAA, MPAA, Warner Music Group, BMI, the US Department of Justice and, amongst others) last night. To add even more intrigue, it was also revealed on Wednesday that US-american producer Swizz Beatz aka Kasseem Dean (who once was signed to Universal Motown) is also Megaupload’s CEO.

Now the site appears to be back online, operating from an IP address site with no proper URL – although this might well be a scam or phishing attempt, which is why we strongly recommend you not to visit the IP pictured above. In the meantime, until they have a proper domain for us to investigate, check out the Mega indicment below:

The author on Twitter:

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