Celebrate International Women’s Day with some free tunes!

Celebrate International Women's Day with some free tunes! London-based record label Ninja Tune is celebrating today’s international Women’s Day 2012 with a free 6-track sampler. Incredibly talented ladies such as Emika, TOKiMONSTA and Speech Debelle, who recently released her second debut album ‘Freedom of Speech’ on Big Dada are featured on the compilation, plus a brand new remix by Banks of Andreya Triana’s song ‘Lost where I belong’.

Listen and download the free sampler below.

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Wiley cancels Germany tour, rolls deep with Manga

Wiley cancels Germany tour, rolls deep with Manga There is this pretty good reason why we’re bringing cameras to our Electronic Beats Festivals: we want to remember stunning artists and their shows, and more importantly later on share them with you lot who couldn’t make it to the show. So when Wiley played EB Festival Warsaw in late 2011, we of course caught Eskiboy‘s performance on video – which is why you can now watch the recap in case you planned on going to one of his upcoming tour stops in support of his new, Big Dada released album Evolve Or Be Extinct. Earlier today, Wiley’s February live shows have been cancelled.

According to (and confirmed by) Wiley’s German concert promoter/booker Contra Promotion, all four Germany shows in Berlin, Frankfurt, Leipzig, and Cologne have been cancelled, no information on the reasons. All tickets will be refunded at the respective box office. Bitter, but still. Lean back, dry the tears and watch Wiley perform his tunes “Numbers In Action”, “Boom Blast”, and “Rolex”.

In releated news: Wiley just joined Roll Deep buddy and protégée Manga on the track ‘Hottie’, watch the video below:

Wiley Live (all shows cancelled):
February 29th 2012 Berlin, Festsaal Kreuzberg
March 1st 2012 Frankfurt a.M., Nachtleben
March 2nd 2012 Leipzig, Werk 2
March 4th 2012 Cologne, Die Werkstatt

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Wiley, Lorn, Slugabed & more on 2012 compilation by Ninja Tune, Big Dada & Brainfeeder

Wiley, Lorn, Slugabed & more on 2012 compilation by Ninja Tune, Big Dada & Brainfeeder Nearly year end, eh? When it’s year-end-list-time at magazines and blogs, record labels usually show what they’ve got in store for the next year. So do Ninja Tune, Big Dada and Brainfeeder Records with their ‘New Artists for 2012’ compilation. And it does sound very promising, what the two traditional British bass music labels and Flying Lotus‘s US Brainfeeder have lined up for 2012.

We already told you in late summer 2010 that Lorn was ‘One to watch‘, he recently signed for new records to Ninja Tune. Lapalux was mentioned here several times as a remixer of artists such as Gwen Stefani and Crystal Fighters, the 2012 compilation comes with his rework of Fink‘s album title track, ‘Perfect Darkness’. Furthermore, Austria’s finest producer Dorian Concept (more on him in our Slices feature) makes his girl giggle, Slugabed asks to turn off the sun and Taylor McFerrin is looking for a place in Brainfeeder’s heart.

And then there’s Eskiboy Wiley, who’ll be releasing his album ‘Evolve Or Be Extinct’ in January 2012, shortly after his gig at Electronic Beats Festival Warsaw in December. The compilation comes with his track ‘Numbers in Action’, reworked by legendary producer Dobie.

Listen to the full compilation below, check out the full line-up for Electronic Beats Festival Warsaw 2011 here.

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Big Dada confirm new Wiley album

Big Dada confirm new Wiley album

Big Dada, the label which brought us Roots Manuva, Anti-Pop Consortium, Diplo, Speeche Debelle, Spank Rock and early Wiley albums, has now announced they will be bringing the forthcoming album from UK maverick, Wiley.

Wiley’s new album, titled 100% Publishing to reflect that for the very first time for Wiley, the album is vocalled and produced 100% by himself; a fact which will no doubt make the album unforgettable. We hope.

The result, according to the press release is apparently, a“masterpiece; the freewheeling, uncompromising body of work he’s always strived to create. By turns ebullient, reflective and fiery, the lyrics are always masterful, and represent the most cohesively themed Wiley album to date.”

See the thing is about Wiley is, he is one part genius, one part complete maverick, and to be quite honest you never really know which is going to turn up.


Information Age

100% Publishing

Numbers In Action

Boom Boom Da Na

Your Intuition

I Just Woke Up

Wise Man and His Words

Pink Lady

Yonge Street (1,178 miles long)

Up There

Talk About Life

To Be Continued

Wiley’s 100% Publishing will be available 4th July.

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