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For Sale 1

The first in a daily series in which Electronic Beats’ editorial staff recommend ways to spend your hard-earned cash. Today, it’s the turn of editor-in-chief Max Dax.

ICAS Suite Interview with Oliver Baurhenn

From September 5th through the 8th, the second edition of the ICAS Suite is attached to the always-intriguing CTM Festival. Bringing such fresh sound-artists and performers as Mykki Blanco and Nguzunguzu, ICAS Suite plays an important role in Berlin Music Week… but what role is that exactly? And what does ICAS stand for anyway? CTM organizer Oliver Baurhenn reveals all.

Chris Bohn recommends Terre Thaemlitz’s Soulnessless

How to approach listening to the world’s longest album, clocking in at over thirty hours of music, hundreds of pages of sleeve notes and extensive video footage all packed onto an SD card that has to be plugged in a USB stick and accompanied by a small booklet covered with the picture of a burning … Continued