Kris Menace – Falling Star Video Premiere

Kris Menace - Falling Star Video Premiere ‘Falling Star’ is the first single of 2012 from German electronics and dance music wizard Kris Menace. With tentacles that reach into the furthest corners of the underground, over-ground, dance and pop music worlds, Menace is a man in constant demand and so we are very pleased to have won first dibs on sharing with you his latest video created by Ninja Tune‘s Hexstatic. With Spirograph inspired symbols morphing over a cosmic plateau once you’re locked on to the inter-planetary pulses immersed in Menace’s italo-tinged synths you’ll be off to an alternate dimension in no time.

Kris Menace – Falling Star from kris menace on Vimeo.

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Kurt “Supermax” Hauenstein dies

We are very sad to report that legendary Austrian musician Kurt "Supermax" Hauenstein has died. Hauenstein was the founder of the band Supermax who’s hugely influential mixture of funk, disco and reggae infused dance-rock made them massive stars in both the European charts and the burgeoning underground disco scene.

Their song ‘Love Machine’ is a bona-fide cosmic classic that you can still hear in clubs today, but they also recorded many other influential tracks. Made up of both black and white musicians, Supermax were the first mixed race band to perform in apartheid era South Africa, earning themselves death threats and blacklists from various groups in the process.

Still touring up to very recently, the band continued to release music through the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s with their last single ‘I Love My Harley’ being released in 2009.

Hauenstein was just 62 when he died this weekend at his home, from a heart related illness.

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