Die Vögel serve some fresh Fratzengulasch

Die Vögel serve some fresh Fratzengulasch Humour from Hamburg is something special. Often ironic, often based around a certain wording, always very cheeky. It therefore comes with no surprise that the title of Hanseatic duo Die Vögel’s new EP might be strange to the non-German-speaking audience: the new tracks ‘Fratzengulasch’ and ‘Maikäferbenzin’ were released on DJ Kozes label Pampa records just yesterday.

Die Vögel, consisting of Mense Reents (Egoexpress) and Jakobus Siebels and best known for their 2009 dancefloor filler ‘Blaue Moschee’, are being joined by Hamburg singer Ebba Durstewitz of the band JaKönigJa for the hypnotic brass track ‘Fratzengulasch’ – which translates to something like ‘mug goulash’. They also just released a pretty funny music video for the single release, showing grotesque and funny grimaces based on photo material from around the last century, getting more and more colourful and silly as the track continues.

The EP’s flipside doesn’t take itself that serious either: ‘Maikäferbenzin’ (roughly translated ‘maybug petrol’) gets along on an instrumental-only basis while focussing more on groove and a damn deep bassline. Watch the music video below and listen to the new EP over at Pampa’s SoundCloud.

While the Fratzengulasch EP was published on July 18th it was being announced that Die Vögel will be releasing their debut album on Pampa in 2012 – so expect more humour from Hamburg.

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Wordandsound’s Japan benefit compilation JAPANEASE

Wordandsound's Japan benefit compilation JAPANEASE

With the world is still in shock over the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in March, the global community has shown an overwhelming outpouring of generosity and support. Many people involved in the music industry have held benefit events to raise money for the relief effort and joining these is music distributor Wordandsound, who are prepping a three part charity compilation called JAPANEASE. The release contains around 100 tracks from artists such as Nicolas Jaar, Tensnake, Virgo Four, John Roberts, Steve Bug, Die Vögel and many more.

All artists and labels involved made their contribution completely free of charge. JAPANEASE is a commendable effort to ease the terrible suffering in the Land of the Rising Sun. 100% of the income generated by the compilations will be donated to the area of Sendai/Miyagi that was hit hardest.

The German Japanese Association in Hamburg will make sure that 100 percent of the donations will arrive to where they are needed most. JAPANEASE will be released mid of April 2011 in digital formats.

For the complete tracklist visit whatpeoplesay.com/japanease.

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