Gilles Peterson bids farewell to Radio 1

Gilles Peterson bids farewell to Radio 1 The acclaimed DJ, whose popular Worldwide show became famous for championing an eclectic array of genres including soul, hip-hop, Afro or house blending the old – rare records from the 1950s to 1980s – and new, is set to finish his thirteen year tenure at the Beeb.

Peterson is not the only one to leave the respected position. Other genre DJ´s including Fabio & Grooverider, Kissy Sell Out or Judge Jules will be replaced by a crop of their younger colleagues including Skream & Benga, Friction or Toddla T.

“Radio 1 has come under pressure from both its commercial rivals and the BBC Trust to attract a younger audience after the average age of its listenership kept creeping up,” writes the Guardian. Whereas Judge Jules is likely to return to his original profession and become an entertainment lawyer, Peterson, whose departure is sparking outrage from his many fans, is apparently in talks with BBC’s digital station 6 Music. “So after over 13 incredible years at Radio 1 I’ll be leaving in March….and on to pastures new in the radio world….stay tuned!!,” he tweeted yesterday. The new schedule will be introduced in April next year.

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10 x 4 with Tvyks

Ondrej Ricica aka Tvyks is one of those rare personalities in the Czech music scene, that in spite being around from the embryonic states of the Czech dance music in the early nineties, has managed to evolve and constantly discover new music in his DJ sets.

An accomplished DJ, producer, promoter and graphic designer, Tvyks, who moved to Berlin a few years ago, has the enviable position of being able to reflect upon the past, whilst keeping an eye on the future. Aside from his more bass-heavy moniker, he also has a new side project L?ON P?RD for house and nu-disco. Even though he is a happy resident of the German capital, he still keeps ties to his motherland. His next party at the Prague club Roxy will host Ed Banger‘s boss Busy P on December 10th.

Favourite part of the day to create?
Night is the best to do stuff. No one disturbes me and I can better concentrate. Not sure if my neighbours like it.

Method or madness?
Madness hand in hand with intuition.

Most influential person?
All the influence in the world can’t be held by a single person. I’m inspired anywhere and by anyone.

First musical love?
I guess early Beatles, Deep Purple and David Bowie from my father’s collection when I was a kid.

Last musical love?
Really glad for what is happening these days. Big love for Canblaster, Nguzunguzu, Sinjin Hawke, Dubbel Dutch, Clicks & Whistles, Brenmar or TEED to name a few.

One thing you cannot live with out?

One thing you would live without if you could?

Favourite instrument?
I fell in love with the iPad. My hands are on Animoog, Sunrizer, DM1 or Addictive Synth. It’s so much fun!

Eureka moment?
Ain’t easy to describe by words. Happened too many times. Thanks for that.

Secret tip?
Listen to your heart.

A place to create?
My room. I wish, I could record somewhere in a forest or on the beach. At least there are so many parks around, if I need a break.

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