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Spring is in the air and the speakers at the Electronic Beats office are crackling with anticipation of a year of new and exciting music. In fact, there is lots of new music already that has getting has our feet tapping and heads nodding in the office – new bits from Hype WIlliams, Quadron, Deniz Kurtel and Charles Levine of Soul Clap. And of course this would not be the EB favorites with out some older gems – in the form of a tribute to The Guardian Angels and a killer edit of ALexander O’Neal. Enjoy!

The EB Office team is: Carlos de Brito (CDB), Gareth Owen (GO), Kazim Rashid (KR), Ari Stein (AS) and Agi Zelei (AZ).


Golden Flamingo Orchestra – The Guardian Angel Is Watching Over Us
(Taken from the 12" The Guardian Angel Is Watching Over Us (1979) on Golden Flamingo Records)

I wonder that I didn’t stumble upon this earlier as I’ve been exploring the world of the two underground disco geniuses Peter Brown and Patrick Adams in the last years, but it seems I haven’t been diggin’ deep enough. However, I discovered this tribute to the Guardian Angels (a volunteer organization of unarmed citizen crime patrollers originally from NYC, more information here) lately, which is true gem just in between the late disco days and the very early b-boy and hip hop culture that would rock any block party today. (CDB)


Hype Williams – Businessline
(Unknown release 2011)

Like many I am well and truly under the spell of Hype Williams – though I don’t have the desire to find out if they are real or not or what they are trying to convey. "Businessline" is widely available as a free download but I cannot tell you what album it comes from – if it comes from one at all. "Businessline" displays all that which is intangible and fascinating about this Berlin based duo. (GO)


Deniz Kurtel – The L Word (feat. Jada)
(Taken from the forthcoming album Music Watching All Over Me (2011) on Crosstown Rebels)

I haven’t been much in clubs lately as I’ve been on holiday, but if is this is not a massive banger in good house clubs around the world right now, then I should retire from going out. Deniz Kurtel is the next Wolf + Lamb protégée going big, this time with a soon-to-come album on Crosstown Rebels, which sounds very, very promising to me. You can preview it here. (CDB)


Maxxi Soundsystem – Criticize
(Taken from the 12" Criticize/His Hat Was His Home (2011) on Kojak Giant Sounds)


Picked up this 12" right at the start of the year and haven’t stopped playing it since. A seriously infectious edit of Alexander O’Neal‘s original from way back in 1987 – only this version is fatter, deeper, chunkier and will murder any dancefloor. (KR)


Janka Nabay – Eh Congo
(Taken from the EP Bubu King (2010) on True Panther Sounds)

This track was played to be my house-mate, who if I don’t credit for introducing me to it, will never let me live in peace again. Having said that, it feels like it has been a long time since I heard a track with quite so much groove. In fact, this track is the definition of ‘riddim’. (KR)


PhOtOmachine – Technicolour (Throwing Snow Remix)
(Taken from Technicolour EP on Super 2011)

I have actually been enjoying all of the mixes on this record – the Rafferite remix and the original are both killer and the fact that this is the debut release of PhOtOmachine makes me particularly excited to hear what’s coming next for this young producer. Forget trying to put it into a genre – it’s a simple, brilliant piece of 21st century electronic music. (GO)


Quadron – Day
(Taken from Quadron (2010) on Plug Research)

I just wrote a Ones to Watch piece on these guys. Very talented and very special, you’ll be hearing a lot more from these Danish kids in the future. This song is so enriching and poignant, the string section in the chorus just kills me. (AS)


Wendy Rene – After Laughter
(Taken from After Laughter (Comes Tears) EP (1964) on Stax)

I have come across with Wendy Rene’s classic track in a recent mix by Nicolas Jaar and haven’t stopped listening to it. Like many old classic songs, this track has several times been remixed, covered and sampled by ones like Lykke Li, Nicolas Jaar or Wu-Tang Clan; yet, it is still the original version, which gets me goosebumps every time. (AZ)


Soul Clap (Charles Levine) – Lonely C
(Taken from the upcoming DJ-Kicks mix CD Wolf + Lamb VS Soul Clap (2011) on !K7)

"Lonely C" is taken from the first collaborative DJ-Kicks ever: Wolf + Lamb vs. Soul Clap. Charles Levine is one half of the Soul Clap duo, and with this track he tries out his vocals chords, keeping the entire track on a slow burn. This track works as much on its own as it does within the compilation which consists of 27 tracks and comes out on March 28th on !K7. The dreamlike vocal of the song is a perfect match with the title "Lonely C". (AZ)


Young Athletes League – Jag älskar dig, Phil Collins
(Unreleased Demo (2010) from Soundcloud)

Jag ?§lskar dig, Phil Collins by YOUNG ATHLETES LEAGUE

As it turns pout, I stumbled across these Dalston youngsters last week, really exciting new sound. This turns out be cheesy but also a kind of fun new way of looking at a classic. These two boys are just starting out but already they have started to garner hype and noise from the Eastend. (AS)

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One month in to 2011, and it’s time to to tell you the tracks that have been stuck on rotation in the office this month. From abstract beats excursions to ballads and big room house, it’s all been on the playlist at some point. We have some indie goodness ( for once) courtesy of Wye Oak, a stone cold classic from Ricardo VIllalobos and a track from possibly our favorite artist of the moment – Nicolas Jaar.

Oh and in case you were wondering we had a huge NYE and christmas, how was yours?

The EB Office team is: Carlos de Brito (CDB), Judith Busch (JB), Gareth Owen (GO), Kazim Rashid (KR), Ari Stein (AS) and Agi Zelei (AZ).


Pulp – This Is Hardcore
(Taken from the This Is Hardcore (1998) on Universal)


In celebration of Pulp reuniting and headlining Melt! I wanted to share an oldie but a goodie from 1997. A tee-tolling shipwreck of a song. A drama told through the eyes of Jarvis Cocker‘s eloquent and obnoxious eyes. This Is Hardcore! This version is played Live on Jools Holland. (AS)


Menomena – Lunchmeat
(Taken from the Mines (2010) on City Slang)

Only recently I stumbled upon Portland-based band Menomena, although their released their latest album Mines in summer 2010. Anyway, they make use of striking melodies and there is a great build-up in most of their songs! My two favourite tracks of this great album are Lunchmeat and Dirty Cartoons.(JB)


George Fitzgerald – ‘Tell Me RMX’ (GROOVE THEORY)
(Taken from the Tell Me 10" ( 2010) on White Label )

WOWOWOW. It has been a long time since I have a come across a track that has still not satisfied me after listening on repeat for 3 day’s solid. It’s also the first track I have owned which I have played three times during a single set. Massive is not enough. Neither is huge.(KR)


Broadcast – Until Then
(Taken from the Noise Made by People (2000) on Tommy Boy)

Broadcast vocalist and songwriter Trish Kennan’s tragic death left us all in shock this month. The band formed in 1995 and released several critically acclaimed albums. In remembrance of the tragic loss of the multi-instrumentalist and iconic character of Warp Records, this song became a standard edition to my playlist this month. Her unique voice and beautiful character will be missed.(AZ)


Xpnsions – Move Your Body (Club Mix)
(Taken from the Move Your Body EP (1990) on Optimism Records)

It’s Friday. I’ve been working hard and shortly a break is on the horizon. Wishy washy new music (that I’m trying to enjoy) is drifting out of the laptop speaker and at best is acting as a tiny, tinny audio irritant. I sigh and puff and shuffle around my apartment and then this record catches my eye. I turn the big speakers on, sit down with a cup of tea and assault myself with 7 minutes of old school breaks, vicious acid and diva lyrics that implore me to "move my body higher". A regular and reliable motivator ever since.(GO)


White Car – No Better
(Taken from the No Better 12" (2010) on Hippos in Tanks)

Really dig this, a new outfit from Chicago, one Elon Katz, a strange cat. He works within the whole Yello, David Byrne and Hype Williams framework and adds a big injection of industrial / EBM swagger . It’s hard to pin down exactly what Katz is doing -it’s got a lot of visual-arty elements to it. Very mechanical, analogue and odd. A definite ones to watch.(AS)


Ricardo Villalobos – ‘Peculiar’
(Taken from the Peculiar/3 Zuge (2011) released via Sei Ed Drum)

My second choice was a hard one this month, it was between this and Pepe Bradock’s Zero 7 remix which is well worth checking out. However, Ricardo won. As someone who is fairly new to the Villalobos craze I felt it only fair. I love this track.(KR)


WYE Oak – Civilian
(Taken from the Civilian (2011) on PID)

‘Civilian’, Wye Oak‘s first single off their upcoming album, is incredible. Good lyrics, great melody! I saw the duo play at Hotel Michelberger in Berlin a week ago and the gig was good, but Civilian is definitely their best new song.(JB)


Mr Oizo – Last Night Herbert Murdered My Poodle
(Taken from the Single Last Night A DJ Killed My Dog Single (2000) on F Communications)

Another record played very loudly for visceral thrills. It was tough to pick between this and the original, as both have been on heavy rotation recently. However the more distance I put down for my Oizo marathon, it is Herbert’s ridiculously infectious version that appears to have the legs.(GO)


Nicolas Jaar – Space Is Only Noise If You Can See
(Taken from the Space Is Only Noise (2011) on Circus Company)

It’s nearly impossible to pick a single track from this album as the entire record deserves a maximum score. Nicolas Jaar proved himself the most interesting young, fresh, and enthusiastic DJ/producer of last year. As a DJ he also manages to bring joy and melancholy to the dancefloor at the same time. He has pretty much demonstrated that with an amazing live set at Watergate this month, playing his original compositions alongside genre-bending selections, and great remixes of old disco classics.(AZ)

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