Electronic Beats Recommends Apparat Band in review

Electronic Beats Recommends Apparat Band in review It was one hour in to the first of three highly anticipated Berlin shows from Apparat, when the young man passed out. The bass was heavy, the air a bit stuffy and the young man got a bit too excited. No worries, he soon recovered shortly after but it seemed as if this incident was a mirror image of the Apparat Band‘s intensity.

The opening night at Berlin-Kreuzberg’s Hebbel am Ufer theatre started early. Mexican producer Cubenx brought his debut album On Your Own Again to the stage and was joined by contributor and friend Alfredo Nogueira. Cubenx warmed up the crowd well, although his slow and intimate electronica and folk influenced tracks made people sit on the floor rather than making them shake. Still, tracks such as ‘Grass’ were even more powerful in this setting.

At around 9:15pm, Apparat and his Band entered the stage. There was tension in the air, but of the positive kind. Starting slowly out with older works from albums Walls and Arcadia, Ring then moved onto more recent material from his Mute Records released The Devil’s Walk record.

A stripped down version of ‘Song of Los’, then songs such as ‘Ash/Black Veil’ and ‘A Bang in the Void’ followed this intimate and emotional section complete with a live string section. Sascha’s voice, guitar play and effect machines were in total harmony with the drum section, the single bass drum pinches and the classical musicians. Can we call this epic, please? Goose bumps ahoy! Oh, and there was dancing a bit earlier: Apparat played ‘Rusty Nails’, part of his collaboration project with Modeselektor known as Moderat.

The first part of the show closed with ‘Escape’, but it didn’t take long until the band was back to the stage for an encore. After a handful of tracks, Sascha asked Soap&Skin to the stage, with whom he collaborated on the track ‘Goodbye’ – could there be a more fitting closing title? We guess not!

What followed was roaring applause, a very happy audience and two further nights with Apparat at Hebbel – on Tuesday Markus Popp aka Oval opened up, the last night saw support of T.Raumschmiere‘s band Shrubbn.

We at Electronic Beats would like to thank all of you for a great year in 2011, and add special wishes to everyone who joined us for the grande finale of Sascha Ring’s Electronic Beats recommended ‘The Devil’s Walk’ tour. See you lot in 2012 with even more great artists and live events.

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Azari & III’s ‘Maniac’ music video shoot

Azari & III's 'Maniac' music video shoot Travelling across the world and playing the festival season in style, Azari & III have set stages alight, from Glastonbury to the Electronic Beats recommends Tour. Not bad for the four lads who have only been around for little over a year. We went behind the scenes of their ‘Maniac’ music video shoot – recently filmed by up-and-coming british music video director James Henry to find out how manic life is for Azari & III.

Azari & III – Manic (Behind the Scenes)

Azari & III – Manic (full music video)

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Electronic Beats Recommends Apparat Band in Berlin

Electronic Beats Recommends Apparat Band in Berlin Good news for Apparat fans – two additional Berlin shows have been organized as part of the Electronic Beats Recommends Apparat Band tour. Taking place at Hebbel Am Ufer on the 19th, 20th and 21st of December, this is an early Christmas present for all of our Berlin fans, but you best be quick as the 19th and 20th have sold out already. Supported by Cubenx and Oval plus some very special guests this is a concert you really don’t want to miss out on.

You can buy tickets here, but in the meantime check out some clips of the man they call Sascha in action.

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Oval shares his ‘DNA’

Oval shares his 'DNA' Since we last spoke, I’ve been groping in the dark: Markus Popp aka Oval just announced his upcoming OvalDNA release back then, and it left me excited but unsure what to expect. Though the original release date was being pushed from November to December 9th (due to “problems in the production process“, Shitkatapult), I realized that this might actually be a pretty great record.

Popp will be releasing parts of his huge sound library, but I prefer how ‘The Wire’ magazine stated it: OvalDNA is an “open source manifesto“. While the first CD comes with 35 lost, hard-to-find or previously unreleased audio tracks (each about one to three minutes long) from Oval’s past (ranging from 1993 to 2010), the second disc is a DVD-ROM which carries more than 2000 sound files in AIFF format from Popp’s archive, as well as 10 previously unreleased bonus tracks in WAV format (stream at the bottom of this page). It reminds me of Terre Thaemlitz‘s Dead Stock Archive release from early 2009, although the political idea behind it will surely differ.

The OvalDNA DVD will also come with an accompanying software and a bunch of Oval videos. Both discs are held together by a colorful artwork designed by Cologne’s Frieda Luczak, liner notes come from Atsushi Sasaki, David Toop, Minoru Hatanaka and Markus Popp himself.

You can stream a couple of Oval remixes, live recordings and unreleased tracks until OvalDNA comes out on Shitkatapult on December 9th, these tracks in the player below didn’t make it on the record.

On a different note, Oval is playing two live shows in Berlin (one with Apparat during Electronic Beats Recommends, sold out). Also, Bureau B (also see the new Slices DVD for a label feature) will be re-releasing Oval’s 1993 album Wohnton, soon – originally published on the legendary record label Ata Tak from Düsseldorf.

Oval Live:
December 20th, 2011 Berlin – HAU w/ Apparat
January 13th, 2012 Berlin, Volksbühne w/ Warren Suicide, String Theory

Photo: ©Trevor Good

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Hungry for the power? Win tickets for Azari & III’s upcoming shows!

Hungry for the power? Win tickets for Azari & III’s upcoming shows! It’s only a couple of days until Electronic Beats Recommends Azari & III with support by When Saints Go Machine, and while we’re counting down the days to this amazing pairing in Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands, we see tickets selling fast – maybe a little bit too fast for some of you. Which is why decided to give away two tickets for free – pretty sweet, right?!

Fill in the form below, choose the show you’d like to visit, maybe RSVP to the event on Facebook and wait for November 12th, when we’ll be (hopefully) in touch with you about winning two tickets. Also, don’t forget to grab a ticket for Electronic Beats Recommends Apparat Band too, since we expect shows should be sold out soon as well!


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