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Kingdom’s ‘Take Me’ gets taken over by Nacey

Kingdom's 'Take Me' gets taken over by Nacey We’re big fans of Kingdom and his Fade To Mind label, which should be quite obvious by now. Whenever the LA-via-NYC producer drops a new cut, we’re scrambling on it like beat-hungry beasts. His latest release on Fools Gold was the beautiful single ‘Take Me’, featuring vocals from Naomi Allen of the R&B group Electrik Red. Washington DC’s Nacey, one-third of the dance party Nouveau Riche, has taken the bouncy, cuts-you-up rhythm of the original and smoothed it out into a diamond-studded piece of VIP club sex. We’ve got this one on repeat; we think you will too.

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Kingdom drops new track ‘Take Me’ feat. Naomi Allen

Kingdom drops new track 'Take Me' feat. Naomi Allen We predicted 2011 would belong to Kingdom, and in a way we were right. The NY/LA producer is tearing it up with his new label Fade To Mind, but fortunately he’s not neglecting his own work in the process. His latest single is ‘Take Me’, featuring his trademark razor-sharp percussion, pitch-shifting bass and diva vocals. This time, however, the vocals come courtesy of Naomi Allen of the underrated R&B group Electrik Red. The result is one of Kingdom’s finest works yet, and the B-side ‘If You Buck’ is a rolling, snapping instrumental with a laid-back grrove that perfectly compliments the sexy brashness of side A. ‘Take Me’ is out July 26th on Fools Gold.

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