Videodrome 112 – This week’s best videos

If you’ve been too busy to watch music videos over the last few days you’ve missed out on some of this week’s hottest releases from the likes of Seams, No Age, Major Lazer and These New Puritans. To remedy this, do yourself a favor and check below’s update. Oh, and this list contains no Gaga.


#1 Fhloston Paradigm – “Chasing Rainbows”, directed by Keagan Anfuso

According to their tumblr, this is a “manifestation of afro futurist ideals”. Anyway, Fhloston Paradigm is King Britt’s project on Kode9′s Hyperdub label and I like it a lot.


#2 No Age – “An Impression”, directed by Randy Randall & Dean Spunt

As an appetizer for their An Object release, L.A. noise rock group No Age has shared the video for their first single “An Impression”, a self-directed art/concept video where not much happens.


#3 Seams – “Rilo”, directed by Jonathan Pound

New tune taken from Seams forthcoming album, Quarters due out in mid-September via Full Time Hobby, which was recorded in four different areas around Berlin. If it’s anything like this tune, the album should be worth a listen.


#4 Big Sean ft. Kendrick Lamar – “Control”, directed By Negro Tarantino



#5 Major Lazer feat. Peaches Timberlee – “Scare Me” , directed by Brandon Dermer

Awesome video for another killer track by Major Lazer! Zombies, vampires, explosions, shooting… the works. Enjoy it party people!


#6 Goddie Mob feat. Janelle Monáe – “Special Education”, directed by John Colombo

Cee Lo’s pre-Gnarls Barkley group Goodie Mob returns with a visual for their Janelle Monáe-assisted jam “Special Education”. Stream the video above and be sure to mark your calendars for August 27th—that’s when the Mob’s new album is set to hit shelves.


#7 Mount Kimbie – “Home Recording”, directed by Anthony Dickenson

Here’s the incredibly beautiful shot video for Mount Kimbie’s latest single “Home Recording”. The British duo’s sophomore album Cold Spring Fault Less Youth is out now via Warp Records.


#8 These New Puritans – “Organ Eternal”, directed by Willy Vanderperre

British art rock trio These New Puritans unleashed one of this summer’s most interesting post pop albums and here’s the picturesque music video for “Organ Eternal”.


#9 Shadow Shadow – “1000001”, self-directed

Mattias Freiberg writes, records and performs under the moniker Shadow Shadow. Last month he released his first album Riviera through Nonchalant Records.


#10 Five Knives – “Vive Le Roi”, directed by Ace Norton

Electronic punk rockers Five Knives from Nashville have released their music video for “Vive Le Roi” which comes off the band’s debut EP The Rising on Red Bull Records.

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Track-by-Track: Omega Male

After the beta male here comes the Omega Male. Wait, come back—we’re talking about the latest signing on the ever-inspiring Full Time Hobby imprint, home of beloved indie darlings like Timber Timbre, Tunng, Diagrams and White Denim. Omega Male is comprised of David Best (of Miyagi & Fujiya fame) and Sammy Rubin of Brooklyn laptop rock duo Project Jenny, Project Jan. There’s a touch of prime Momus about their fastidiously executed and reference-heavy electronic pop, at once desperately arch and gleefully peevish. Like most right thinking people, we feel that intelligent pop music bears analysis, hence we pestered the band until they gave us a track-by-track, as explained by David Best. Here it is.


1. Omega Male
“We took our name from this song rather than the other way around. I like the farfisa in it and overall I think it has a bit of a disco-not-disco feel. The words describe the attributes of a typical omega male, who feel it’s safer to not attempt tasks for fear of failure.”

2. Testosterone
“My favorite part of this song is the sound of a bowling ball hitting the skittles toward the end. The rhythm has quite a Bollywood thing going on. When we wrote it we had a dance that went along with it, which was a digging motion manoeuvre. You’d dig, crouch down, then throw whatever imaginary thing that was on the spade over your head. Then do it again. I always picture the dance when I listen to the song.”

3. Uh-pol-uh-jet-ik
“This song is one of the passive aggressive ones… It’s a bit whiny. It was actually one of the very first songs we wrote together. I think the first two were this and “No”, which features more moaning. I like how the title looks with the syllables split up.”

4. You Bore Me to Tears
“This started off with just the piano. I wanted us to write a slow soul ballad. I think it turned out more like a cross between early Dexys Midnight Runners and Serge Gainsbourg, which is obviously no bad thing. The brass was arranged by Sammy. I think this might be my favorite track on the record.”

5. Wax and Glue
“Lyrically this song is about making a voodoo doll of someone you dislike then sticking pins in it.”

6. Blue Narcissus
“This reminds me of a chain gang song. It’s about people who strategically voted for the Liberal Democrats in the last general election to make sure the conservatives didn’t get in. Obviously this backfired when the Lib Dems and the Tories joined forces.”

8. No
“This song is really negative. It’s another passive aggressive number. Musically it has a slight R’n’B feel to it.”

9. Rotten Fruit
“This has a bassline done on a 101 which I like a lot. I was pleased that I rhymed “Baudelaire” with “yeah”. There are some nice idioms going on too… This is one of the ones where the backing vocals were influenced by Christo Redentor.

10. X
“This is probably the most unhinged song in the record.”

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10 x 4 – Diagrams

10 x 4 - Diagrams Diagrams is the new project from Sam Gender, formerly of Tunng, where explorations of psychedelic future-pop are the order of the day. He has just released his inaugural album Black Light and after this revealing 10 x 4 you can check out the new music at the bottom of the page. In the meantime…

Favourite part of the day to create?
For song writing I love to get up early and go out for an English Breakfast and a couple of cups of nice strong coffee. The coffee sets my mind whirring and as soon as I pick up a guitar I tend to start writing. I’ll write for three or four hours and then spend the rest of the day trying to calm down from my coffee shakes.

Method or madness?
A little madness goes a long way. Most of my writing comes in a kind of stream of consciousness way. A little like a waking dream. The method comes later when I pick through what I’ve produced and decide which bits work.

Most influential person?
One of my early mentors was my first Manager Colin Hall. He introduced me to lots of English Folk music and classic Americana which changed my writing style and ultimately led to me collaborating with Mike Lindsay and forming Tunng. He also gave me the confidence to play solo and got me my first shows supporting people like Joe Cocker and Richard Thompson, both at Sheffield City Hall.

First musical love?
Revolver by The Beatles. Great cover art and the song that turned me on to experimental music -‘Tomorrow Never Knows’.

One thing you cannot live with out?
Good friends.

Favourite instrument?
It’s an imaginary instrument and it’s part cello and part modular synth – one of those huge 70’s beasts that fills up half a room. The cello part would bring warmth and beautiful deep rounded tones and the modular part would twist and filter them through a vortex of science fiction wonderment until they throb and glow in the furthest reaches of your chest.

Your biggest break so far?
Meeting Mark Brydon who I co produced the Diagrams album with.

Eureka moment?
Being played Four Tet‘s album ‘Rounds’ and The Memory Bands‘ first album within ten minutes of each other.

Secret tip?
It’s one for bands and producers. There’s a studio in East London owned by Benge from Expanding Records which is full to bursting with vintage synths and other exotic items of electronic wizardry. It’s instant inspiration for anyone who loves the warm hum of analogue circuitry.

Favourite Tumblr?
The Infinite Fragmented Data Waves of Oxane. I often reblog when I’m writing the Diagrams blog on tumblr and Oxane has a fantastic knack for finding great images.

Black Light is released 16th January 2012 on Full Time Hobby.

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10 x 4 – Pinkunoizu

Pinkunoizu – which means “pink noise” in Japanese – is a Copenhagen/Berlin-based difficult-to-categorize band who dropped their acclaimed debut album Free Time Volume One last year via Moringside Records. Their Peep EP was recently released as a limited and already sold-out 12? through Full Time Hobby and crosses so many musical boundaries that we were just blown away. Take the first track: ‘Time Is Like A Melody’ could reasonably be called ‘underwater lo-fi’. It immediately evokes Animal Collective with its submerged, repetitive vocals, background reverb and looping electric guitar.

The band themselves describe their blend as “lo-fi, high-life, modern composition music, nu-folklore, asian 60?s pop and future post-apocalyptic underwater rock”. The EP features an incredible mix of xylophones, radio dials and more conventional instrumentations in 3/4 time, leaving us massively excited for their follow-up LP, set to drop in early 2012. Time to play our 10 x 4 series with Pinkunoizu-mastermind Andreas Pallisgaard:

Method or madness?
The maddest of methods.

Most influential person?
Gilles Deleuze

First musical love?

Last musical love?
Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey

One thing you cannot live with out?

One thing you would live without if you could?

Favourite instrument?
The Geiger counter perhaps. Has a cool sound.

Eureka moment?
Just today I was thinking how that is what I really miss these days. I feel like I’ve seen through everything – in a totally awkward manner. As if there is not much more to discover. Probably the stupidest of feelings one can have.

Secret tip?
If you smash a salad head down in the table with the root pointing downwards, you can easily remove that root, and you’ll have nice crisp salad in whole leaves. Huh?!

Last thing that inspired you?
Probably a concert with Keiji Haino, Stephen O’Malley and Oren Ambarchi as a trio playing Hau 2 in Berlin about a month ago. That was incredibly blasting, and massive as hell. Heino especially was interesting to experience – his way of enacting everything he plays on his guitar is way beyond.

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White Denim come up with D and offer a mixtape!

White Denim come up with D and offer a mixtape!

Austin’s White Denim are known for giving indie rock a psych-blues twist and losing themselves in static jams. With their upcoming Album D, due May 24 on Full Time Hobby, they dig into psychedelic territory and add even more obscure elements to their yet eclectic sound. With what sounds like subtle elements of electronica White Denim slowly but surely start to evoke memories of folktronica masters The Beta Band, the sorely missed Scottish band. You can watch the video for first single ‘Drug’ below.

White Denim have also compiled a new hour-long spring mixtape called MixDisc2, which features songs and jams from Jeff Simmons, Lee Hazelwood, Emmylou Harris, Alessandro Alessandroni and Amon Duul II. An intense journey through the manifold influences of the band, you can listen or download below. Another track off the album, ‘Anvil Everything’, can be downloaded over at White Denim’s website for the cost of an email-address.

Denim – MixDisc2
by WhiteDenim

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