Miike Snow’s Paddling Out Video

Miike Snow's Paddling Out Video Swedish pop band Miike Snow drops some new, very fascinating visuals in support of their forthcoming album Happy To You. The music is wicked, as always; the looped vocal and piano samples flow effortlessly into the main vocals, which deliver a great indie pop hook. Someone definitely gave the Swedes quite the budget for this one, as it was directed by acclaimed music director Andreas Nilsson and the production value is golden. We’re not sure what the video really means, but we’re loving it regardless, as it’s packed with symbolism and creepiness. The world needs more videos like this.

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Miike Snow is not Born To Die

Miike Snow is not Born To Die As reported earlier, Swedish-American indie-pop trio Miike Snow are returning in March with their second LP, Happy To You. Lately the boys have been sharing their gentle rhythmic charms with a series of teasers for the upcoming release. Part of these series is a 22-second video, as well as a fake newspaper called The Tiimes. Click here to check out the wanna-be newspaper, which includes an extra nice Coachella related story, and see if you can smell what the trio is hinting at whilst having a sneak peak below:

UPDATE: Miike Snow is also sharing another brand-new track called ‘Paddling Out’ from the new album:

Paddling Out by miikesnow

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Miike Snow announce album details

Miike Snow announce album details Just a few days ago, we shared Miike Snow‘s new track, ‘Devil’s Work’, when it was still unknown if it would be included in their upcoming album. But now details about the LP have emerged and the Swedish pop trio will return with their sophomore LP Happy To You, in March via Downtown Records/Universal Republic. The album was self-produced by the band and recorded in various studios throughout Sweden. The end result features full orchestras, brass sections, and even a marching band.

Their latest single ‘Devil’s Work’ also has a new twist to it provided by Alex Metric. I don’t really know how to specify a genre for this one, but maybe that is what makes this tune so good. It has a bit of a house feel to it, but still keeps many of the same elements from the original song. Check it out and decide for yourself below:

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