Schönbrunner Perlen Label Night

Schönbrunner Perlen Label Night Among the many upcoming labels in Vienna, Schönbrunner Perlen shines in ways befitting to its name. Their first release, a collaboration between Ken Hayakawa and Herb Piper, still has us cheering every time it gets played (not to mention the equally promising SP 02).

And if you take a look at the line-up of Schönbrunner Perlen Label-Night at Fluc next week, you’ll get an idea of just what we can expect in the upcoming months.

All this excitement got us to thinking: We’ve been listening to so much Ken Hayakawa, it’s about time we got to know him a bit better. Which is why we sent him this questionnaire:

Favourite part of the day to create?

Method or madness?

Most influential person?
My girl

First musical love?
….Selected Ambient Works by Aphex Twin and many more….

Last musical love?
Hercules & Love Affair – Painted Eyes

One thing you’d gladly live without ?

Favourite instrument?

Biggest surprise?
The “Pausenrap” 😉

Secret tip?
Papaya Salad

Last thing that inspired you?
A strange percussion wood melo shaker I got from my girlfriend

Schönbrunner Perlen Label Night
March 24th, Fluc

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10 x 4 – Herb Piper

10 x 4 – Herb Piper If you are into electronic music and living in Vienna but haven’t heard about the Schönbrunner Techno-crew you’ll probably have the pleasure of spending eternity in Satan’s filthy hot pit for missing out. This is because they are a collective consisting of some of Vienna’s finest DJ’s and producers of techno, house and all its sub-genres. They also set up their own label and released a personal favourite of mine and others in 2011: ‘Japanese Rose’.

The person responsible for this track is Ken Hayakawa, but he didn’t do it alone! Herb Piper co-produced the track which is why we decided to roll the 10 x 4 questionnaire across the quiet guy in the background. We recommend you also check out Schönbrunner Perlen 001 Remixed which was released in December and look forward to SP002, which will be released on January 28th.

Favourite part of the day to create?
I love sitting the whole night in front of my equipment and working on tracks and new ideas. Then I completely fall into music and nothing else exists. I even forget to eat and drink when I´m working on new stuff.

First musical love?
As a child I really enjoyed listening to the audio drama cassettes about Mozart, Strauss and Schubert. I think this was my first musical love.

Last musical love?

One thing you cannot live with out?
My bathtub.

One thing you would live without if you could?

Favourite instrument?
Definitely the piano.

Eureka moment?

Love of your life?
Music so far.

Secret tip?
The new Viennese based label “schönbrunner perlen”.

A place to create?
One day I want to make a track in one of these typical Viennese coffeehouses. Catch the atmosphere and put it into the music. But till then I´m producing music at home or in Ken Hayakawa’s studio.

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