Videodrome #40 – This week’s best videos

Videodrome #40 - This week's best videos Since the last edition of the our weekly music video round-up, we shared another seven videos with you: Scuba, Bryan Ferry, When Saints Go Machine, Oh Land, Terranova, Little Dragon and finally yesterday the latest visual installment from Chromatics. But, believe it or not, there are another eleven cool new music videos to discover in today’s 40th videodrome episode. Here you go:

#1 Ital – The Crying Game (dir.?)

Is this a music video? Who cares. This is music from New York house riser Ital. He has a new album, Hive Mind, out June, 3rd on Planet Mu. Highly recommended.


#2 Grimes – Circumambient (directed by David Dean Burkhart)

Grimes, or Claire Boucher, presumably, to her friends, is right proper well talented and that. Don’t believe us? Check our interview and listen to her new album Visions for yourself, in it’s entirety.


#3 Huoratron – Cryptocracy (directed by Lauri Warsta)

Forget dubstep. This here is serious hardcore noise of electronic disturbance in rhythm, and the master of the show is Huoratron (= Whore-a-tron, real name Aku Raski)


#4 Objekt – Cactus (dir.?)

Mystery producer of the moment TJ Hertz, aka Objekt, brings us a glorious video for ‘Cactus’, a chilled tune that I seem to constantly listen to.


#5 Sun Glitters – High (directed by Brendan Canty & Conal Thomson)

Stereogum premiered today Sun Glitters new video for ‘High’, single taken from the homonymous EP, released last month via music/is/for/losers.


#6 Evy Jane – Sayso (directed by Jason C Myers)

Evy Jane is the experimental R&B project of Vancouver-based musicians Evelyn Mason and Jeremiah Klein. It’s so warming, have a listen.


#7 Evian Christ – MYD (directed by George Tanasie)

Mysteriouso Evian Christ has revealed his true identity and signed on with Tri Angle Records. Though It’s morning now here in Berlin, this here is some great night time music. Evian Christ is exciting.


#8 DVA – Where I Belong (Video put together by Dean Blunt)

A big tune from DVA‘s full length Pretty Ugly, due March, 20th via Hyperdub. Until then you can tune into his monthly Hyperdub show on Rinse FM. Second Tuesday of every month I believe? Lock in.


#9 Porcelain Raft – Something In Between (self-directed)

Porcelain Raft‘s Mauro Remiddi has given another one of his hazy video treatments for ‘Something In Between’, which is the B-side of the newly released 7” vinyl of his ‘debut record Strange Weekend‘s single ‘Unless You Speak From Your Heart‘.


#10 Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier – An Age Of Wonder (dir.?)

Electronic, ambient, drone? Anyway, it’s a beautiful and dreamy track from Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier’s (a.k.a. Felicia Atkinson) upcoming LP, which will be released via Aguirre Records in March.


#11 Flourish Fill – Guru (dir.?)

Saint-Petersburg electronica outift Flourish Fill just unveiled their latest, colorful video for Guru. Are you Guru?

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Huoratron offers Cryptocracy

Huoratron offers Cryptocracy We first came across Finnish mad-man and chiptune-eccentric Aku Raski aka Huoratron when we stumbled over this sick video art back in 2008. It hit us like a ton of bricks and bought to mind the heavy bass music, we were all listening to in Berlin during the naughty nineties. Human Resource anyone?

Last year his “Corporate Occult” NSFW-video made quite a buzz on the interweb and so it proved that Aku is a real master of using Game Boy consoles to produce some sick, experimental and dark electro. Now Huoratron (pronounced whore-a-tron) makes a strike with his next track called ‘Cryptocracy’ and it serves as an appetizer for his full-length that will see a release in 2012 on Last Gang Records. If you’ve got an ounce of love for techno, you’ll find a fresh input from Huoratron. Check the new free track below:

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M.I.A. to remix her Internet Connection

M.I.A. to remix her Internet Connection

Grammy Award and Mercury Prize nominated artist M.I.A. aka Mathangi "Maya" Arulpragasam is ready to bump out a new remix EP titled Internet Connection (The Remixes) courtesy of some exciting knob twiddlers.

What started off as a promising year for the contentious artist ended in a pretty lacklustre 12 months after putting out the not so exciting Maya LP and the recent mixtape Vicki Leekx. Her sound is beginning to get a touch tedious.

However, she is ready to make up for it by putting out her first release of 2011, which will feature four different edits of the MAYA tune "Internet Connection". Remixers include up and coming Finnish producer Houratron who has just released probably one of the most sexually violent over-the-top videos of the last few years, Kuduro-beat group Buraka Som Sistema and Swedish house producer Tony Senghore.

M.I.A. has shown herself to be a true mercenary in the last few years, lending her influential voice to the Sri Lankan crisis.

Have a listen to one of the remixes off of the remix EP here:

M.I.A. – Internet Connection (Flux Pavilion Remix)


01 Internet Connection (Flux Pavilion Remix)
02 Internet Connection (Buraka Som Sistema Remix)
03 Internet Connection (Huoratron Remix)
04 Internet Connection (Tony Senghore Remix)

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