Mr Ho is Klasse – Free download inside

Mr Ho is Klasse - Free download inside Klasse is a Berlin based house label influenced in cycling, minimalist design and the relationship between man, machine and quality house music. Formed up by Mr Ho, Luca Lozano and Daniel Zedelmair of Jackmode agency, the trio have blessed the label with a crystal clear image and identity from the start. With releases by Turmspringer and Sacha Robotti in the back catalogue, they are just about to to relase their first compilation and to celebrate they are giving away a free track to Electronic Beats readers – Mr Ho’s edit of the Isley Brothers – ‘Between The Sheets’.

Isley Brothers – Between the Sheets (Mr. Ho refix) by Electronic Beats

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Party Like..Shooting Horses!

Party Like..Shooting Horses! Up-and-coming British DJ and producer Shooting Horses has played alongside Solo, Zombie Disco Squad and, as you can see pictured above, Jesse Rose – in what looks like absolute euphoria to whatever varieties of “house music with a London twist” that Mr. Horses dropped that night at Jackmode vs Pelski back in December. The last minute cancellation of Oliver $ meant that Shooting Horses, aka Rob Swaine, had to think fast as he took to the decks, completley unprepared. Yet he still managed to blow us all away with his mixture of bassy numbers, UK funky and techno that saw the crowd go wild. So it’s not surprising that only half a year later, Shooting Horses can boast a forthcoming EP under Dubnoir Music and a collaboration with Fat! Records man of the moment The Living Graham Bond.

The latter, aptly named ‘Premier‘, has seen a very warm reception since its online promo release earlier this week. Originally toying with different vocals and melodies, the pair settled for a simpler outcome with one goal in mind – to let the bass do the talking..”people love bass”, admitted Shooting Horses in conversation with EB about the track which is out 6th September via Party Like Us Records.
The Living Graham Bond & Shooting Horses – Premier by The Living Graham Bond

Although Shooting Horses is under the impression he’s been keeping rather a low profile so far this year, we’ve seen him support the likes of Girl Unit, Warrior One, Mele and A1 Bassline in between writing tracks for the EP, working on remixes, making podcasts and maintaining his blog Loose Synths which he shares with The Specialist and DLVRY. Not restricted by genre but defined by their love of all electronic music, the blog has gained a strong following throughout the past year – the guys are even discussing serious future plans.. Loose Synths Records perhaps? Whatever the future has in store for Shooting Horses, EB are sure he is the one to watch right now.

Catch him playing at his own Loose Synths’ Notting Hill Carnival after-party in London on August 28th…and here is a free track from the man himself.

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The Chilean Matanza Flavour

The Chilean Matanza Flavour What happens when you hear ‘traditional Andean folklore’ and ‘electronic tech house’ in the same sentence, let alone on the same track? To put it simply, Matanza is what happens. Combining their native Latin American heritage and their love of what they call ‘Street House’ – namely Mad Decent, Made To Play, Dirtybird and Dubsided – this Andean folk/dance ensemble create a wild fusion of rhythmic house beats together with, well, pan pipes of course!

Their collective fascination with the vast array of weird and wonderful instruments they hoard is what really makes their live performances extraordinary in a club setting. Bringing relics of their Latino history into the present day, Matanza give them a new meaning when played harmoniously alongside the pounding techno baseline – inventing a totally danceable amalgamation of pure originality and explosive fun.

Matanza – Yariry (Original Mix) by MATANZA

Unlike their usual Latin American stomping ground, they’re currently taking Europe by storm on their first ever tour outside their native homeland of Santiago – where they claim a new movement of ‘global ghetto tech’ is on the horizon. They draw inspiration from their surroundings, giving us a taster of the South American flavours we all crave here in Europe, all the while maintaining that accessability that is so essential for all their further afield fans.

Expect the raw sounds of Colombian gaitas and zampoñas, Andean bombos and Dominican tamboras mixed into pumping beats with electronic effects and distorted traditional chants that’ll be sure to keep your head nodding and your booty shaking. And if, like us, you don’t know what those things are then all the more reason to check out what absolutely beserk behaviour they have in store for their appearance on the Jackmode stage at Gruppen Zwang‘s 2nd birthday celebration in Berlin this September.

We suggest you keep your eyes on these guys, and soon you too will be chanting. Matanza! Matanza!

Teaser Matanza from Meschi on Vimeo.

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