Blonde Redhead gathers Four Tet, John Roberts, Liars & more for new Japan benefit compilation

Blonde Redhead gathers Four Tet, John Roberts, Liars & more for new Japan benefit compilation We people tend to forget images such as these, as soon as they disappear from the news:

The T?hoku earthquake and the following tsunami which hit Japan’s coastlines in March 2011 was pure horror, took thousands of lives, and destroyed a big part of the country’s infrastructure – pictured above is the city of Kesennuma on Honsh? island, where at least 930 people died during the floods and the events of the following days.

It’s now December 2011, and we shouldn’t forget that the people of Japan still need help. We are the Works in Progress is an initiative by Kazu Makino, singer and guitarist of New York City based alt-rock band Blonde Redhead. There will be a relief benefit compilation on the band’s own label Asa Wa Kuru (Japanese for “Morning will come”).

In early 2012, Blonde Redhead and WATWIP will be releasing the 14-track compilation. Exclusive tracks have been recorded by producers, bands and musicians such as Four Tet, Terry Riley, John Roberts, Broadcast, Karin Dreijer Andersson (The Knife/Fever Ray) Pantha du Prince, John Maus, David Sylvain featuring Ryuichi Sakamoto, and more.

All benefits from the digital and double vinyl release will go to the charities Japan Earthquake Relief Fund and Architecture for Humanity.

The digital release of We Are The Works In Progress will be on sale digitally on January 10th 2012, you can preorder the 2xLP version (plus digital download code) here and listen to Four Tet’s track ‘Moma’ above the full track list below.

We Are The Works In Progress:
Four Tet – Moma
Karin Dreijer Andersson – No Face
Terry Riley – G Song
Nosaj Thing – Nightcrawler
John Roberts – Berceuse
Blonde Redhead – Penny Sparkle
Pantha Du Prince – Bird on a Wire
Broadcast – In Here the World Begins
Liars/Blonde Redhead – Drip
Deerhunter – Curve
Stalactite – Stalagmite
John Maus – Castles in the Grave
David Sylvain/Ryuichi Sakamoto – Bamboo House
Interpol – Song Seven

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Ninja Tune ask artists to give for Japanese Earthquake

Ninja Tune ask artists to give for Japanese Earthquake

The crisis that has engulfed Japan has totally shaken the world over, which is why Ninja Tune has taken the charitable step of organiszing a compilation to aid in the recovery process.

Artists like Kode9, Illum Sphere, Om Unit, The Electric, Throwing Snow, Rudi Zygaldo, Fink and Emika are just some of the artists contributing to the charity compilation for the humanitarian crisis in Japan.

This is a no-brainer for the label and artists out there, if they can use their music to help the chaos ensuing over there, it totally makes sense. Over 40 artists have contributed to the Nihon Kizuna compilation which roughly translates to “a bond of friendship with Japan”

Alot of the tracks are previously unreleased and the whole thing has been put together in just five days by London-based writer and radio presenter Laurent Fintoni who had the unfortunate occurrence of being of in Japan just before the earthquake hit.

Fintoni said of the compilation:

"On Monday, we started to talk about various music-related ways to generate money and interest, and that’s when this idea came up. Four days later we have the most heartening tracklist we could have ever hoped for to try to raise awareness and money for those who need it most – the nearly half a million displaced Japanese who live in the northern prefectures hit by the tsunami/earthquake combo. Let’s hope we can raise a memorable amount of money for those who need it. I mean when was the last time you could buy this much good music for so little, right?"

You can buy a copy of the compilation here for around €12 and all proceeds will go to the Japan Red Cross.


Kode 9 (UK) – 9 Samurai (Hyperdub Records) **
Don Leisure (UK) – Trio of Desserts *
Kuedo (UK) – Zap (Planet Mu) *
Himuro Yoshiteru (JP) – Missing Links *
Onra (FR) – High Hopes (All City Records) **
Tatsuki (JP) – Mirror In Bologna (Original Cultures) *
Om Unit (UK) – Lavender (All City Records) **
Danny Drive Thru (UK) – Prescience (Fat City Records) *
Paul White (UK) – Grimy Light (One Handed Music) **
Darkhouse Family (UK) – Lemon Drizzle (Fat City Records) *
Illum Sphere (UK) – Sweat The Descent (Hoya:Hoya / Tectonic) **
A Taut Line (UK/JP) – Azul (Dyskotopia) *
Fink (UK) – See It All (Ninja Tune) *
Mus.sck (US) – Happiness Is The Best Face Lift (Car Crash Set/Daly City) *
Rudi Zygadlo (UK) – Perdu (Planet Mu) *
Broken Haze (JP) – Move Forward (Raid System) *
BD1982 (US/JP) – Aluminium Riddim (Seclusiasis/Diskotopia) *
Nightwave (UK) – Hokusai Dream *
The Electric ft. Yarah Bravo (UK) – Beautiful (Memory9 remix) (Organically Grown Sounds) **
Ernest Gonzales (US) – Beneath The Surface (FoF/Exponential) *
Jono McLeery (UK) – Garden (Ninja Tune) **
Ido Tavori (UK) – Haunted Top Hats *
Jay Scarlett – The Rising Sun (Ampsoul) *
Paper Tiger (UK) – Lunar Notes (Jus Like Music) *
Kid Kanevil (UK) – One For Tokyo (One World Records / Ninja Tune) *
Takuma Kanaiwa (US) – Senpo World (Concrete Sound System) *
B-Ju (GE) – Philly Run (Mux Mool remix) (Error Broadcast) **
Primus Luta & Lonesome D (US) – Lockdown (Concrete Sound System) *
2phast (IT) – JapaN *
Doshy (DE) – Space Attack (Robox Neotech) **
Sesped (VE) – Too High To Drive (Jus Like Music) *
Yosi Horikawa (JP) – Passion (Eklektik Records) *
Audace (FR/JP) – Indestructible Soul (Inductive) *
Scrimshire ft. Inga Lill Aker (UK) – Warm Sound (Wah Wah 45s) **
Kan Sano (JP) – Bless (Circulations) *
Elliott Yorke (UK) – Wormhole Squirm (Five Easy Pieces) *
Daisuke Tanabe (JP) – Artificial Sweetener (Circulations) **
Super Smoky Soul ft. Guilty Simpson (JP/US) – Knockout Kings (Circulations) **
Emika (UK) – Count Backwards (Ninja Tune) *
Eccy (JP) – EFH (Slye/Milk) *
Throwing Snow (UK) – The Luck Without (A Future Without) *
XLII (UA/JP) – Standuptall Nippon (Raid System) *
Pete Sasqwax (UK) – Aggro A Go Go *
Virtual Boy (US/FR) – Thrust (Turnsteak remix) *
F.A.M.E (US) – Real Surreal (F.A.M.E/4OneFunk) *
Kper (IT/FR) – Chotto *

*exclusive to compilation
** previously released

Listen to a taster mix right here:

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