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Life is the show: Diane Arbus & Larry Clark

“A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells the less you know.” – Diane Arbus In 1958, back when she was a budding photojournalist and before she switched from 35mm to a square format, Diane Arbus captured the public, so to speak. In a photograph entitled “42nd St. Movie Theater Audience”, … Continued

Gummo’s back in theaters

After Harmony Korine wrote the script for Kids, Larry Clark’s ’90s skate-culture masterpiece, within alleged three weeks, everybody fell in love with him. But unlike other underground heroes, he wasn’t consumed and eaten alive by the industry; actually quite the opposite. In 1997 Korine wrote and directed Gummo. Set in a small town in Ohio, … Continued

Tyler, the Creator signs to XL Recordings

Manager of The XX, Caius Pawson announced in a mass email yesterday that he had personally signed the 19 year-old abstract hip-hopper and beats extraordinaire Tyler, the Creator to the XL Recordings label. The LA based artist signed a one-album deal and is part of the Odd Future crew who late last year attracted huge … Continued