EB Listening: Blue Fields’ album Ghost Story streaming in full

EB Listening: Blue Fields' album Ghost Story streaming in full Blue Fields, the trio of DJ Mike Shannon, the leftfield electronic artist behind Cynosure Recordings, plus Takeshi Nishimoto, the classical guitarist who collaborated with mini-tech artist John Tejada as I’m Not a Gun and vocalist Fadila, the German-Turkish singer who has previously appeared with Shannon on Wagon Repair and Cynosure – are set to release their first collaborative full length called ‘Ghost Story’. The trio recorded an uplifting ambient album that fuses the experimental spirit of jazz and the vibes of minimal electronica. The album will be the first full-length from Haunt Music, a Berlin-based label whose concise catalog includes past 12-inches from Shannon and fellow Canadian producer Akufen (as Horror Inc.). Below, you can now listen to the whole album in the latest episode of what we call EB-Listening:

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