The Radio Sessions – Electronic Beats On Air with Hobo on FluxFM

Hobo is not quite the name one might expect from a producer signed to Ritchie Hawtin‘s successful M-nus imprint. And then again, it might be quite appropriate, as the Candanian producer now releases his debut album Iron Triangle: since 2008, Joel Boychuk has released just one single and a bunch of tracks – which is why the encyclopedia Urban Dictionary’s definition of a hobo is pretty much fitting: “A hobo, unlike a bum or a tramp, is more than willing to work, but mostly for a short duration, as their main impetus is travel, the love of the journey above the actual destination.

With Iron Triangle, Hobo now has some work on his hands: not only does it stand for clubbing in terms of matching up to M-nus minimal techno benchmarks musicwise, but also to promoting the record.

On the day of the album’s release – tomorrow, Thursday, February 16th 2012 – Hobo is playing The Radio Sessions – Electronic Beats on Air on FluxFM. Get ready for two hours of straightforward techno music off Iron Triangle (prelisten to the album below), followed by a dj mix by Hobo. The show starts at 10pm (GMT+1), you can listen to FluxFM via terrestial radio or from the live stream (here).

A rerun of the show’s first hour will be available on demand on FluxFM’s website, with the mix following a couple of days later on

The Radio Sessions is a weekly show so make sure to tune next week when Djedjotronic, Audionite, and Strip Steve join us at the studio for a BNR TRAX special. Also check out & listen to who already played The Radio Sessions.

Also, watch out our Slices feature and documentary on Richie Hawtin and M-nus records below, and not forget to subscribe to Electronic Beats on YouTube.

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MINUS adventures in Berlin’s woods

MINUS  adventures in Berlin’s woods Everybody in Germany agrees: this summer isn’t the summer most people expected it to be. Too much rain, too cloudy and not enough sun. Which doesn’t mean the bad weather has stopped people from going to festivals and open airs, it was just a major turnoff. Fingers crossed then that next weekend will see better weather as Richie Hawtin is bringing his minimal techno label MINUS to Berlin’s outskirts for an open air extravaganza.

In cooperation with party hosts Patentblau and gear lender Edelmat, Hawtin and MINUS will be showcasing live sets by Marc Houle, Gaiser and Heartthrob as well as DJ sets by Ambivalent, Barem, Troy Pierce and Fabrizio Maurizi and of course Hawtin himself will be spinning records. Though you shouldn’t be expecting a Plastikman set, chances are good that the visuals around the open air area will be delicious anyway.

The exact location will be announced on august 18th at (no, it’s not the above pictured Teufelsberg) and the party itself kicks off next saturday from 12pm, ending on midnight. Don’t forget to bring an extra 15€ for admission at the door on top of your expenses you intend on spending at the bar. And in the case of bad weather an alternate indoor venue has been announced if it is pouring rain.

Recall what MINUS stands for by watching our Slices label feature as well as the one hour Slices Special, the documentary on Richie Hawtin.

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Marc Houle is living in synth

Marc Houle is living in synth

OK so this is not exactly breaking news in the league of Ricardo Villalobos standing for parliament or James Blake being arrested for a drive by shooting, but it’s something we like quite a lot – and even more so for being particularly unexpected.

Marc Houle is probably best known for his association with Minus, and functional, but still rather excellent techno cuts like ‘Flapping Around’. So when we heard about a two hour mix of cold wave, EBM and synth pop recorded at an "after party in my front room" our interest was well and truly piqued. Sequenced rather than mixed, stone cold (sorry..) classics such as P1/E‘s ’49 Second Romance’ sit comfortably next to angular oddities we have never heard before.

Stream or download below;

Marc Houle’s Synth Pop Mix by Marchoule

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Richie Hawtin: Win dvd copies of rare Slices documentary

Richie Hawtin: Win dvd copies of rare Slices documentary

Our team recently dug into their crates to unearth some fine material. The Slices special issue Pioneers of Electronic Music Vol. 1, which is now available on Electronic Beats’ youtube channel, gives a deep insight into the work of Richie Hawtin and his development as electronic music producer. Yet the old G4 PowerBooks in the label’s office give a hint that this documentary was filmed in 2006, but, as you can imagine, it’s timeless stuff. Richie Hawtin even proved himself a prophet when saying:

"A great track is a great track, but there are tons of them out there. It’s even more important that the artists have something more to say than the music that they’re making." This certainly applies even more to this day and age.

Since this issue of Slices is kind of rare now, we decided to loot our stocks and raffle off a couple of copies. Give us a shout at to participate in the competition.

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