Luis Bunuel and the Marx Brothers wish you Happy Holidays

Luis Bunuel and the Marx Brothers wish you Happy Holidays After Harmony Korine’s Gummo this Tuesday, the Austrian Filmmuseum presents another selection of great films. Starting from December 27 everyday a Bunuel and a Marx Brothers film will be screened. Amongst them (and it’s really hard to pic just one each) we would recommend Belle de jour, which won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival in 1967 and is an all time classic starring Catherine Deneuve as a married woman who lives out her masochistic fantasies as a prostitute without her husband knowing. We would also encourage you to see Duck Soup, the 1933 Marx Brothers classic which is not only referenced in countless TV-shows and movies, it features THE mirror-scene and is perhaps one of the most important films about war ever made. Possibly.

Make sure you see them at Filmmuseum between Christmas and New Year.

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Watch the full documentary of Berlin’s ‘1UP’ graffiti crew for free

Watch the full documentary of Berlin's '1UP' graffiti crew for free If you’ve ever been to Berlin in the past as It’s pretty much inevitable that you’ll come across a graffiti piece by Berlin’s 1UP Crew. Cool with us if you didn’t recognize their tag and bombing technique, but the movie One United Power is going to change that.

1UP Crew, Berlin’s most infamous train writers and bombers, started in 2003 and the sheer numbers of pictures the anonymous crew left around the city is stunning. You’ll find them on house walls, public buildings, U-Bahn-trains, truck beds, rooftops – everywhere.

With the movie One United Power, 1UP Crew now builds on its worldwide legacy. As we as already pointed out, Berlin’s graffiti scene has a long and rich history, and 1UP Crew are a big part of this. ‘One United Power’ is the essence of their contribution to the scene. Running to over four hours it is much more than a documentary, it’s more like a monographic show. And in terms of general look and feel, it’s dirty.

Eight years in the making, the double DVD was just released and consists of the Berlin-centred main movie and an additional 11-part worldwide travel documentary – all German, although the DVD comes with subtitles in nine languages.

Now, 1UP Crew have decided to leak their film to the public. You can watch the main movie on YouTube below, though this version comes without subtitles. 1UP Crew are well-organized city art guerilla. Others will call this vandalism – we won’t.

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Watch the graffiti documentary ‘Unlike U’ for free

Watch the graffiti documentary 'Unlike U' for free Do you remember movies such as Beat Street (1984), Wild Style (1983) or Wholetrain (2006) and the documentary Style Wars (1983)? All these gave great insight into the world of modern graffiti, bombing, tagging and trainwriting. In early 2011, filmmakers Henrik Regel and Björn Birg stepped up with a new documentary, focussing strictly on the trainwriting culture of Germany’s capital. Unlike U shows the big quality and long tradition graffiti has on Berlin’s U-Bahn-trains.

Covering artists such as ABIS (B.A.D.), Foto Sven, 1UP Crew, POET, Wesp and many more, Unlike U shows the long background of Berlin’s underground culture, from the fall of the Berlin wall until the present day. It explains the motivation of spraying a whole train and portrays sprayers on their way around U-Bahn trains during the night, but also the work of special police unit Graffiti in Berlin (GIB) and their hunt for the people behind this so-called illegal art.

By now, Unlike U has created quite a stir, within and outside the scene. Berlin’s public transportation company BVG seem to have decided to stop circulation of the movie, by confronting the filmmakers with a cease and desist order. Just as the subculture the movie is covering, the 90 minute long documentary Unlike U is now streaming free for the time being.

Watch Unlike U as long as it lasts below.

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Vincent Moon & Efterklang release An Island

Vincent Moon & Efterklang release An Island

Independent French filmmaker Mathieu Saura aka Vincent Moon and amazing Danish 8-piece band Efterklang recently debuted their film An Island, which will be shown at Freies Neukölln in Berlin tonight.

An Island, solely filmed by Vincent Moon who is also known for the French music site La Blogotheque and his video work for artist like R.E.M or The Arcade Fire, features performances, experiments and collaborations with over 200 local musicians, kids and parents who created new interpretations of Efterklang’s 2010 album Magic Chairs (4AD, Rumraket).

The film was shot on an island in the Danish countryside and is the same duration as the music album and judging from the trailer we can expect an amazing musical journey!

If you can’t make it tonight please visit AN ISLAND for more information including how to host your own screening or to find out about other free screening dates near you!

Here’s one of the three teasers:

AN ISLAND – 3rd TEASER – Vincent Moon & Efterklang from Rumraket on Vimeo.

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