Ariel Pink is not relaxed

Ariel Pink is not relaxed L.A. freak folker Ariel Pink seems to be a bit of a workaholic. The prolific songwriter has already released eleven albums and is now working on a new record with his band Haunted Graffiti, a collaborative album with R.Stevie Moore, and a werewolf movie. In a recent interview with V Magazine, Ariel said an unfinished version of the collaboration with Moore called Ku Klux Glam – is available for streaming (see below). His new album with the Haunted Graffiti also has a strange name. It will be called A Death In Hollywood but as yet there is no release date. Concerning the movie he’s working on, he said the film with writer/director Dave Gebroe will be located on a werewolf movie set in the 1960s entitled Bad Vibes. Full on, Mr. Pink.

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Die Antwoord bring the TENSION

Die Antwoord bring the TENSION Die Antwoord are releasing some pent up TEN$ION on their third album which will be released this February. The South African trio of Ninja,Yo-Landi Vi$$er and DJ Hi-Tek are something of an anomaly – when they first appeared they were seen as the real thing, then the penny dropped on some of their more outlandish claims and a bit of digging revealed them then a post-everything in-joke. Possibly. No one is actually that sure. Accepted as a conceptual 23rd century hip-hop group, complete with alter ego’s that purposely blur the lines between fact and fiction, whichever way you look at it, they have a visual and musical style that is bordering on the unique. Even if it is an unsettling, nervous twitch inducing uniqueness. You either like them, or you want to burn down Vice magazine.

Check out the video for ‘FOK JULLE NAAIERS’ below. A demented take on what a Godley & Creme Die Antwoord video might look like.

Downtown / Cooperative Music will release TEN$ION on 02.02.2012.

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The xx – New music and video

The xx - New music and video Let’s be honest, the Christmas fairy dust can fade very quickly. The expanding waistline, looming credit card bills, beleaguered veins coursing with beer, red wine and Schnapps thicken our blood into the kind of adhesive normally reserved for industrial strength DIY products. What better way then to clear the blockage than with a belated gift from South London’s The xx? The band recently uploaded a demo of airy new track ‘Open Eyes’ from their upcoming sophomore album. No word yet on release date or producers, though we’re sure it’s pretty safe to say Jamie xx has secured the job. A gorgeous track, with luscious vocal melodies with the true treasure hidden in the details… the sound of someone pressing the spacebar at the very beginning, and then later, at just the right moment a bus passes by. Let’s hope the finished product retains this kind of intimacy. Merry Christmas. xx


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