EB Exclusive: Mouse On Mars Mix

EB Exclusive: Mouse On Mars Mix Over the course of ten albums (excluding their collaboration with Mark E. Smith as Von Südenfeld) Jan St. Werner and Andi Toma of Mouse On Mars established themselves as two of the most innovative artists in electronic music. But since they delivered their acclaimed Varcharz album back in 2006, there has been an epic silence. Next week the silence is finally over, as the German duo is set to unveil their new album Paratrophics via Modeselektor‘s Monkeytown imprint. To celebrate this release and feed your appetite, we’re more than happy to share an exclusive and extravagant mixtape here on Electronic Beats:

Tracklist Mouse on Mars “SaladeNicenoise” Mix (20 min)

M.I.5 – Autogen
Rotator – Chicken Boogie XXX
Poo (Puzzle Punks) – Hip Hop Pooray~19 Poo 96
Mortician – Dissected
Zipperspy w/Chistoph Ire – Justice
Whitehouse Cruise – Cruise (Force The Truth)
Nettle – The End Of Pulic Space
mxhz.org – foma
Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck Schimpfluch-Commune Int. – Pig Buggie (Sau)
wishart fanfare & contrapunctus
I’ve – Dog Years
Stock, hausen and walkman – Titel 12
Quarta 330 – Bleeps From Outer Space
Robert Goulet – Jingle Bells
I’ve – Sweatin’ In the Oldies
Leated Lemon – Safety Song
Mortician – Blood Harvest

Mouse on Mars’ new Album Parastrophics is out February, 24th via Monkeytown Records. Now watch our Electronic Beats Slices ‘Tech Talk’ feature with Mouse On Mars:

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Mouse On Mars new on Monkeytown

Mouse On Mars new on Monkeytown  Over the last decade, Mouse On Mars have become one of the leading names in European electronic music: releasing an inspired blend of IDM, krautrock, disco, and ambient sounds with a heavy dollop of analog synth. Now news has appeared that the duo will be joining the highly remarkable Berlin-based label Monkeytown.
Home to the likes of Modeselektor, eLan, Lazer Sword and Siriusmo, Monkeytown is set to release Mouse On Mars’ upcoming full length album Parastrophics on February 24, 2012. But before that release will see light, watch out for our next Slices DVD which is out on December 15, 2011 and contains a feature on, yes: Mouse on Mars.

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