New Brenk Video online now!

New Brenk Video online now! What is it with wolves? Tyler and his Wolf Gang have been killing it since January, Marflow called himself a wolf and now there is the new video from Austria’s most important beat producer Brenk, called – you guessed it – Wolves 2 (Still Hungry). If you haven’t listened to our homeboy’s new album, Gumbo II, you should right now. It’s a masterpiece in the spirit of instrumental godfather J Dilla. None of the 23 tracks, including a few fantastic skits (my most favourite is Grindas) are to be missed.

We are not sure which films have been used to cull the footage for the video, although the majority is definitely from American Werewolf in London. When it comes to werewolves one of the best films is still NIGHT OF THE WERWOLF aka THE CRAVING with the infamous Paul Naschy. Go and watch it, if you ever have the opportunity.

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10 x 4 – Brenk

10 x 4 - Brenk As you may have guessed after listening to Brenk Sinatra’s masterpiece Gumbo II (Pretty Ugly), he’s not a man of many words. But hey, what do you need rap for when you got the best beats around? We took our chance and asked our favourite producer a few questions, and even though he stayed quite tight-lipped we got what we wanted. Some of the answers don’t come as a surprise; we probably all agree on J Dilla when it comes to the most influential people in hip-hop, and most of us are at one when it comes to beer and ketchup. To be honest, though, we’ve never heard of Gilbert Einaudi and he’s definitely worth checking out.

Love of your life?
Blasting beats and drinkin beer.

Secret tip?
Almost frozen beer

Favourite part of the day to create?
Definitely at night

Method or madness?

Most influential person?
Willie Hutch / Eazy-E / Dilla

First musical love?
Michael Jackson

Last musical love?

One thing you cannot live with out?

Favourite instrument?
Fender Rhodes

Your biggest break so far?
Doing music with some of my biggest childhood heroes

Last thing that inspired you?
Gilbert Einaudi

Gumbo II is out since Friday, September 23rd. Get it.

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Brenk Sinatra has got the funk

Brenk Sinatra has got the funk Chances are you never heard about the Viennese Producer and beatmaster Brenk Sinatra. That’s probably because you haven’t done your homework. Luckily lot’s of international producers and rappers aren’t that lazy. DJ Premier and MC Eight – to name just two – used his beats in some of their latest productions, which is pretty amazing for a Kaisermühlen homeboy.

But let’s handle the whole thing like Brenk Sinatra does on his new instrumental only album. No need for words.

Gumbo II will be out on September 23rd. And you can listen to it (and buy it) here right away.

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