Luv Shack Records’ LUV002 is out

Luv Shack Records’ LUV002 is out While the mind-blowing first release from the relatively young label Luv Shack Records is still number one on the Deep House charts at several online record stores, we are happy to present to you what’s going to be LUV002 – available on vinyl March 30th, 2012 and a bit later in mid-April as a digital download.

The guys around Simon Lebon and his crew continue to do what they do best: releasing some of the finest house tracks this country has to offer. And once again, all tracks are mastered at Patrick Pulsinger’s studio. But have a listen for yourself, and when you end up luving it, do the Rock’n’Roll thing and pay for the shit!

A1. LeSale – On The Beach

A2. Burnin Tears – How I Feel

B1. Jakobin & Domino – Struggle

B2. Lee Stevens – Reapers Of Luv

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Luv Shack Records is new in town

Luv Shack Records is new in town After some tough and pretty boring years you can feel the wind of change in Vienna (I will try to keep further Scorpions references to an absolute minimum). No more easy listening, no more down-tempo and certainly no more harmless elevator music that seems to be the credo of numerous young producers, Djs and other unadventurous characters.

Schönbrunner Perlen already proved in 2011 that organizing some of the town’s best parties is a great vantage point for forming a label and the crew around Simon Lebon have the same intention. Luv Shack Records is the name of their new baby and every single one song of their four track EP sounds like these guys are more than able to keep their promises. The decision to feature not only one or two but four different artists makes it even better and so LUV001 covers a wide range of electronic music styles. And last but not least they don’t burn all the bridges to the past, which is a good thing in this case: all the tracks are mastered by Patrick Pulsinger in his studio. Long live the Chef!

And here is the video to the first track:

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