Audioccult Vol. 12: Magick Mirror Edition

Light a candle. Draw the required sigils. Now, do you have your Magick Mirror? The secret of mirrors is: they’re ALL magic, because they reflect the falseness of Physical Reality, rather than the truth of Spirit. Or some bullshit, who cares. This is Audioccult, and it’s time to get low.

HEY KIDS!!! It’s time for another AUDIOCCULT, featuring plenty of things to make you rage. You know the drill by now, it’s as easy as

Have you ever entered a mental space where you suddenly, inexplicably need to listen to some weird-ass trance music? Well, I have, and for a person who’s not very interested in clubbing, it’s an odd compulsion. Don’t send in any prayers or worried emails; two sick remixes have me covered for now. White Ring twist Armin Van Buuren‘s ‘I Don’t Own You’ into an acid-flavored ballad, complete with those chunky-deep ‘hey’s thrown into the background and Pikachu punctuations on the chorus. Watch out for that third drop, boy. Ana Caprix goes even harder and hazier with a remix of ‘Alien’ by Ritualz. This is ForeverRave to resurrect ghosts.

A new obsession is a slightly older release, but one that is highly worth your time. Thee Source ov Fawnation‘s beautiful cassette I Missed You, Black Diamond came out in 2011 on Healing Light Records, and it’s fairly rare and hard to get ahold of. Vocals alternate between wails of pain and blues-influenced chants, giving off a sort of Jay Munly-meets-Blixa Bargeld vibe that makes me drippier than a faucet. The nine-minute+ opener ‘Hello Black Diamond’ is my favorite, a ritualistic drone piece that evolves into a throbbing, industrial-flavored space jam.

SpaceghostPurrp‘s Mysterious Phonk is on repeat as well. The LP, essentially a better-recorded version of older tracks, dropped a couple weeks ago, and repeated listens have given me further proof that 4AD are once again one of the greatest labels in existence. ‘Bringing The Phonk’s claustrophobic, hypnotic flow is deadly, and I feel like a ghost. I’m already dead and this is my ringtone.

Hundebiss is another label that never seems to stop releasing nice things. Their latest offering is from the great and godly duo Angels In America, marketed under the moniker Angels USA. A no wave junk opera in the vein of John Gavanti, VH1 Drunk mostly features the voices of both members and a whole lot of spaced-out, noisy synth noodling. Best observed completely sober, as is literally everything in life.

The secret of the Magick Mirror is that it reflects the fact that you’re trying to find truth in a computer screen…which I suppose is as good an explanation as any. Real truth is in music, and if you like a rich, creative music scene, you’re probably more creative than rich. If you’re local to Berlin, you should let GEMA know that you don’t want them to dictate how much you should pay or charge for your party. I’ll be attending this demonstration against GEMA’s ridiculous tariff hike. If you care about independent music, I hope you’ll also be there.

When he’s not writing and editing for Electronic Beats, Daniel Jones is a music promoter and creator of the subculture reconceptualization & aesthetics tumblr Gucci Goth.

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Audioccult Vol. 8

Light a candle. Draw the required sigils. Now, raise your arms above your head and slowly, gently, exhale your soul. You won’t need it here. This is Audioccult, and it’s time to get low.

The last week has been a pretty good one. Spending time busting on gothstumes at a giant German festival made me realize that subcultures died in 1990 and everyone is just playing socialized dressup. But so what, it’s fun! It’s even more fun to dance onstage with Grimes and take off your pants. Now it’s time to roll out all the great sounds that drove me through these times. Get in, no seatbelt. We ride dirty.

First on the plate are the obvious choices. SALEM finally dropped that Rotterdam Terror Corps remix they teased a while back. I heard the instrumental version and ran into the street and shrieked “BIG TUNE!” in a dog’s face. Then I heard the vocal version and started giggling. Pretty sure that was the intended reaction but I’ve been wrong before. White Ring delivered a stunning remix of their own recently, of a Deadmau5 collab of all things. Keine angst: this is hardly bro territory. Gossamer vocals are wrapped around chugging beats, evoking ache and yearning for another night out.

It’s hard to forget seeing How To Dress Well live (especially when you’re co-promoting the show) simply because he does something totally unexpected: he sounds really good. I love his studio tracks, but I walked into the show expecting what you usually get with this kind of stuff: a lot of effects pedals masking a white dude warbling. But when Krell got onstage, he brought the fucking power. Dude’s got a golden voice, no doubt; he did an acapella track that swept me off my feet and made a hardcore fan out of a casual listener. Take note, bands: strong live shows MATTER. The first preview of his upcoming LP Total Loss is the haunting ‘Ocean Floor For Everything’, and knowing that those high notes are 100% natural make me love it even more. Diplo, on the other hand, has about a 50/50 chance of making me happy or bored. His thumping remix for Sleigh Bells‘ ‘Demons’ not only makes me happy, it also makes me ache for a chance to throw a party so I can hear those thick rolling snares and bubbling synths on a proper setup. Cruise with this one down the street on a hot summer day, windows down, blunted out and g’d up. Neukölln boys don’t give a fuck.

A few Audioccults ago I mentioned Funerals upcoming Hypermotion split with Ritualz. But did you know you can shove it in your virtual pocket and walk out the door with no hassle from grownups or pigs? That’s wight, wabbit: Hypermotion X & B drops today for free on ????? Records. I highly recommend picking it up; it’ll put the rave in your grave. Juke goblin Lil Jabba also has a new release, the primal rumblr PAiNT. Get your eyes soft-focused and stream the whole thing here, and if you find that your brain is too ghettobanged, I have a pill for that as well. Longtime noisemaker Ritalin Wardance has a 12″ vinyl split due with Neurosis Orchestra, a doom/dub/drone delight that I’ve recently been using to soundtrack my weekly Sabbat ritval (dye hair, smoke, watch X-Files, mess around on tumblr.) The 12″ comes out a few days after my collaborative PURGE party, which coincidentally also features a set by Neurosis Orchestra…*whistles nonchalantly*. If you’re in Berlin you should come, but only if you’re into stuff that owns.

If you don’t have anywhere to sweat out your binges, try using this video to keep yourself in shape. Not just for your loved ones, but for yourself and for the future. The revolution will not be jazzercised.

When he’s not writing and editing for Electronic Beats, Daniel Jones is a music promoter and creator of the subculture reconceptualization & aesthetics tumblr Gucci Goth.

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Audioccult Vol. 7

Light a candle. Draw the required sigils. Now, raise your arms above your head and slowly, gently, exhale your soul. You won’t need it here. This is Audioccult, and it’s time to get low.

I’ve sort of hit the point where the only time I go to a party is if I’m throwing it myself. It’s a combination of too little time and too much impatience at unimaginative DJ sets. I’m not into techno or minimal or most of the stuff that makes the big Berlin clubs shake (or big clubs for that matter) and I’d rather make tiny incisions around the rim of my butt with a razor than go to an ’80s night’. On the rare occasions that I actually do find time to go out, it’s usually to something a friend is doing. Like the Noisekölln kids, for example. The Berlin collective curate some pretty good shit, including a recent Anklepants show that was way harder than the online material suggests. Noisekölln released their first cassette this month, featuring several tracks of somber, fuzzed-out garage by Ill Winds and some ambient sine-wave fuckery by Moon Wheel. Stream it here, and if you love DIY cassette culture and melodramatic lo-fi music, you should snag a copy. You might want to save a bit of cash, however, as House of LaDosha are also planning to drop a mixtape fairly soon. New York’s baddest banjee bois have been throwing out tracks on their Soundcloud lately, and ‘Rollin’ is one of their most anthemic. Clapping, snapping beats, shotgun blasts, and Naomi Campbell references set it off hard.

Though I spent a considerable portion of my youth hurling my Nintendo controller across the room in frustration, video games are definitely something I grew out of once I discovered music, kissing girls, and obsessive shoe-shopping (which also boosted the amount of kissing I got to do as well. Pay it forward). So I could honestly give a rat’s butt about the new Max Payne game if it wasn’t for the fact that the soundtrack is comprised of all-new material from the always-engaging HEALTH. The first glimpse of the Max Payne 3 soundtrack is ‘Tears’, a dense, heavy track dripping with equal amounts of venom and sadness. Like a carousel ride on ketamine, it swirls you around in a wash of despair that would make Trent Reznor tackle the ‘Damn son where’d you find this’ guy and bully him around like a little sissy. What dreams may come….

A lot of people seem to think this column is about ‘witch house’, including one or two colleagues who also think it’s about horror or something. I think I stunned them a bit with the realization that I actually hate horror movies (though not as much as horror movie fans, who are generally the worst sort of nerds) and I’m not exactly jizzing myself over witch house post-2010 either. The groups we bloggers unheedingly collected under the banner were never one specific thing in the first place; there was just a coherent ‘vibe’. When newer acts rushed to join the fun and tried to legitimize it, the idea went the same way as many genres do: trapped in the idea of defined limitations and thus usually boring. I never got into the more straightforward second-wave stuff like Ritualz, and he knows it, too; no shade brah but that’s how it goes sometimes. The sparkling piano lurking beneath the buzzing swarm of synths of ‘Melancholia’ just really works, though, and the mall fountain light show ties it together perfectly. I spent quite a nice evening last week blasting this on the computer and jumping on my friend’s bed in a halo of smoke. He said I was conjuring Enya from Hell, and so what if I was? I’m a kid, that’s my job.

Fatima al Qadiri‘s Genre-Specific Xperience might not have snared my soul as completely as her Ayshay experiments, but that’s apricots and olives. I always find her work absorbing on some level, and the upcoming GSX Remixes collection is prime. The remixers are the usual suspects; among others we’ve got Nguzunguzu, Girl Unit and DJ Rashad putting their spin on things, which means my prayers that al Qadiri would just go super left-field and bring in someone like Bone Awl or Kevin Blechdom to fuck shit up must go unanswered. What kind of god allows so many weird opportunities to pass the world by? Eat chain, Pope. I still dig the chilled, thumping Kingdom remix, but I know why the caged bird sings. Ssion has a new remix as well from Nightfeelings, aka Teengirl Fantasy‘s Nick Weiss. I suppose I’m only including it because of my love of both projects. It’s definitely worth listening to, but if you’re going to rework a sexualized beauty like this, you should really rework it. This sticks a bit too closely to the disco vibe of the original without approaching the same level.

It’s always a pleasure to find new music that I can legit call beautiful. Not beautiful in a weird way, or some sort of ‘dark’ way, but just plain beautiful. Death and Vanilla capture that essence perfectly. Lush, submerged arrangements spiral around each other, the delicate xylophone and strings playing counterpoint to psychedelic synths and vocals that make me believe Trish Keenan never really died. If this echoes with Broadcast, Forrs will make you believe Burial just got baptized. The audio project of Soundcloud founder Eric Wahlforss is rich with all the lighter snaps, vinyl crackles and after-dark garage arrangements the London producer is known for, but ummm….with monks. Seriously, this is pretty much Church Burial, but in the best way possible. If Wahlforrs wants to keep doing this, I’ll happily slap a KEEP IT GREGORIAN sticker on my laptop and crank the subs for my own special mass. Heaven is real and I’m already dead.

When he’s not writing and editing for Electronic Beats, Daniel Jones is a music promoter and creator of the subculture reconceptualization & aesthetics tumblr Gucci Goth.

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Audioccult Vol. 6: Number of The Beats

Light a candle. Draw the required sigils. Now, raise your arms above your head and slowly, gently, exhale your soul. You won’t need it here. This is Audioccult, and it’s time to get low.

You might recognize the photo above as a ‘classic’ piece of artwork from the great AIDS-3D. I chose this as the image for this week not only because it’s a fantastic photo that mirrors this column’s ideology nicely, but also just because I like talking about these guys. Maybe you don’t know their amazing dragged pop edits, or their cultural reconceptualizing artwork, or their insightful interviews. You should. It’s very hard to get me to leave the house for art events (especially after all the high school-level shows I saw during Berlin Biennale, brrr) but I’m all over anything these two do. Essential.

On to new sounds. This week was dominated largely by the announcement of a new Deathface EP From Beneath. This is fairly serious business for me. ‘Bloodrave’ was one of the major factors in me deciding to start DJing again after a terrible five-month tour throughout Europe. It’s just so much fun to play, and so much fun to dance to. From Beneath isn’t like ‘Bloodrave’. The dubstep factors are relegated to grinding, shredded punctuations, blasted over by shrieked megaphone-punk vocals somewhere between Atari Teenage Riot and Fat Worm of Error. No massive strobelit clubs here; this is a filthy cellar with a swinging lightbulb, dripping with sweat. I really, really love it.

4AD has really come full-circle in my life. The label soundtrack my youth thanks to Cocteau Twins, The Birthday Party, Dead Can Dance…most of everything up until about ’89. After that, they went through a college-rock thing that I found incredibly boring before rising again thanks to quality releases from Ariel Pink, Gang Gang Dance, and a few other choice signings. Then they apparently lost their shit in the best way possible and started signing stuff like Zomby and SpaceGhostPurrp, which made all their old goth fans mad and mutants like me indescribably happy. Purrp is, in fact, releasing his debut LP Mysterious Phonk: The Chronicles Of SpaceGhostPurrp via the UK label, and if the video for ‘The Black God’ is any indication of total replay value, it’s going to mark the second known time a 4AD record was played in the hood (Lil Boosie‘s Colourbox obsession being well-documented).

On the subject of videos, I’m kind of really loving just about any visuals Designer Drugs put out. From the cemetery dance of ‘Drop Down’ to the S&M punch of ‘Leather Gang’, they just always feel so on-point. Their latest is for my favorite track off the album, and certainly their most atypical. ‘For All We Know’ treads closer to member Michael Patrick’s project Kloaks than their usual electro-banger territory, making it all the more memorable. Goes pretty heavy on the overlay. There were several more excellent videos released by Grimes, Ritualz, LA Vampires, and Trust (okay, but the song is great at least) but too many videos and I might as well start my own VIDEODROME.

SpaceGhostPurrp – The Black God

Designer Drugs – For All We Know

I never expected to be talking about deathrock again. If you don’t know the genre, just think punk outfits with goth drama. Started by Rozz Williams around 1979 and resurged by bands like Cinema Strange in 2002, it had a few interesting moments and then kind of disappeared up its own ass. Or not; apparently the kids are still wearing leather and lace, releasing the bats, and a bunch of other puns you won’t get unless you used to part of the back-combing set. CVLT Nation recently put up a selection of newer deathrock bands, though I might not have been so curious if it wasn’t for the inclusion of newer material by Rudimentary Peni. What can I say, you always want to know what your childhood heroes are up to, and honestly I felt like giving deathrock another chance. We had some good years together. So, is it worth the download? I sat looking at my keyboard and trying to come up with an answer, but all I could do was make a drawn-out sigh. So probably not. Just typing out the word ‘deathrock’ makes me feel bored. Rudimentary Peni still owns though.

Realized today that nobody ever photographed ’90s Leo and Marilyn Manson together before. Makes you think. Take care.

When he’s not writing and editing for Electronic Beats, Daniel Jones is a music promoter and creator of the subculture reconceptualization & aesthetics tumblr Gucci Goth.

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Videodrome #1 – This week’s best videos

Videodrome #1 - This week's best videos

Today we start our new column V I D E O D R O M E, droppin’ the latest cool videos from around the world every Friday. Check it!

1. Austra – Lose It (directed by M Blash)

Video for Toronto-based synth trio Austra’s ‘Lose It’, the latest single from their soon to be released debut LP Feel It Break.

2. Jonas Reinhardt – Smokey Jotus (directed by Sean Curtis Patrick)

Take a mind-voyage and watch Jonas Reinhardt’s ‘Smokey Jotus’ of Not Not Fun Records: one of my most anticipated albums…


3. Airliner – Left Orange (directed by A Fan)

Airliner, a former alias of ComTruise now has a dope fan video for their amazinh track ‘Left Orange.’


4. Dan Deacon – Surprise Stefani (directed by Andrew de Freitas & Mathieu Arsenault)

Really cool video for Dan Deacon’s ‘Surprise Stefani,’ from the album Bromst, which came out in 09 & was just made by Montreal-based multimedia creative studio Newfoundland Tack.


5. Teams — Whxt Txrns U Xn? (directed by Teams)

This is the ace video for the stellar Teams track ‘Whxt Txrns U Xn?’ off his new Amdiscs album Dxys Xff.


6. The Weeknd – High For This (directed by Jeremy Biggers)

Video for The Weeknd’s ‘High For This’ that perfectly captures the sexual tone of the song. But take care: it’s pretty much NSFW!


7. Wavves – Post Acid (directed by Rj Bentler)

Skate-pop-punks Wavves have a close encounter of the radical kind in this surprisingly charming new video to the gnarly thrash of ‘Post Acid.’


8. Grischa Lichtenberger – 0411_26 re 021107 fl c 4 2 (directed by Grischa Lichtenberger)

Grischa Lichtenberger of Raster Noton is involved in a variety of arts such as writing, graphics, installations, video and music. This is his latest audio-visual strike. Do not miss.


9. Gang Gang Dance – MindKilla (directed by Shoji Goto)

GGD are back with their ace Eye Contact album. ‘MidKilla’ is the first release and it’s nothing but advanced hypnotic, psychedelic, synthy, dance music. YES!


10. †‡† (Ritualz) – III (directed by George Tanasie)

Unofficial video for track ‘III’ from the upcoming LP Release †‡† vs. Fostercare – out in July 2011 on Robot Elephant Records.

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