EB Premiere: Dubai – Thieves (Shams Remix)

The London-based DIY label Clan Destine Records always surprise us with their releases; we particularly love the Ela Orleans/Dirty Beaches/Slim Twig/US Girls split LP. Happily, we get to reveal something brand new from the label today, courtesy of Dubai and Shams. The former, comprised of Anna Barie (ex-These Are Powers) and her husband Johannes Buff (damn, imagine being called ‘Mr. Buff’ all the time… you’d feel amazing), recently released a split cassette on Clan Destine with Ensemble Economique, from which Shams weirdo Jonathan Coward (whose Judge Judy appearance with Teeth Mountain reigns as one of the greatest things ever aired on television) has taken “Thieves”. The resulting remix (a digital-only cut not available on the cassette) completely discards the noisy electronic tribalisms for a vibe not dissimilar to an indie-disco dance floor around 3am, when all sounds come filtered through a haze of cocktails and drugs. You sway from side to side in the crowd, your head packed with bass and alcoholic gauze, before stumbling into the toilet to make out with someone equally drunk (or, perhaps, a toilet bowl). This is the rhythm of the night.


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Pictureplane’s ‘Thee Physical’ gets remixed into the next dimension

Pictureplane's 'Thee Physical' gets remixed into the next dimension Travis Egedy, prophet of the Pictureplane Post-Physical reality, has just had his Old Testament reworked into the New. A plethora of friends and artists, in collaboration with DIS Magazine, have taken the dance conceptualizations from his work Thee Physical and mixed them into a new dimension of sound. With disciples ranging from Tearist and Shams to Grimes and Unicorn Kid, the selections here are truly essential pieces of our modern rave philosophy:

Pictureplane’s “Thee Physical” was a conceptual work about how we, as humans, relate to our 3rd dimensional world by experiencing it physically through touch. and our experience of being human inside of physical bodies in a post-physical digital age. this collection of remixes is a continuation of these concepts, each remixer being hand selected by Pictureplane to work with the digital skeletons of each song, to carry out their own visions of what Thee Physical meant to them, and their physical forms. This remix double album, is the 7th Dimensional Rip. which is an ongoing conceptual art work by Travis Egedy (Pictureplane). Each Dimensional Rip is meant to be just that: a rip or tear within space and time. a way of putting something out into the universe that helps to alter perception and the very world that it exists in. past Dimensional Rips have been anything from group art exhibitions, a zine, a mix of slowed down happy hardcore, or a performance artwork inside of an art museum. the 7th Dimensional Rip is no different.

Along with audio, we are also given visual thanks to Extreme Animals. The duo of Jacob Ciocci and David Wightman have shaped a Twin Peaks-inspired video for their remix, featuring narration by the Log Lady and enough nightmarish imagery to send you hurtling straight into the Black Lodge. Adjust your Fear Fantasy receptors properly and stream yourself below.

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