Counting with Panama

Aussie label Future Classic boasts a host of talented artists on their roster including Toby Tobias, Flight Facilities and Poolside. However, one of our personal favourites is Panama, a Sydney-based quartet led by Jarrah McCleary, a classically trained pianist from the age of six. He was willing to count with us below.


1 memorable line in a song or film: 
“Oh, the usual. I bowl. Drive around. The occasional acid flashback.” From The Big Lebowski.

2 people that should collaborate:
Quentin Tarantino and Michael McDonald.

3 things I haven’t done yet:
Skiing, gone on safari in Africa and climbed a mountain in the tropics where there is snow on the summit.

4 decisions I regret:
Getting a haircut.
Never having a pet dog.
Eating ice cream (always).
Waking up this morning.

5 things I used to believe: 
That Ben Folds was cool.
That ‘statue’ was pronounced ‘stantue’.
That all piano teachers were mormons.
That climbing trees wasn’t dangerous.
That I wasn’t going to live past 30.

6 hours ago:
I was trying (but failing) to sleep…

7 days I barely remember:
When I was 15 I fell off of my friend’s bicycle quite badly. I had to go into surgery because the doctor thought my kneecap might have been severely damaged. I was under general anesthetic and several days later I woke up with tens of stitches and a tube sticking out of my knee.

After 8 pm…
I’m sometimes rehearsing with Panama in a little tin shed. We’ll have a few beers and amuse ourselves by listening to the metal band playing next door.

My 9 lives…
I’m on my second one. I lost my first life at a festival in Australia about five years ago. Don’t ever drop acid at a festival. Actually, don’t ever drop acid.

I wouldn’t touch it with a 10-foot pole:
Avocado, Someone else’s toothbrush OR wet towel, mint-flavored chewing gum, sleeping in the same room as the kitty litter.

Panama’s It’s Not Over EP is out since last Friday, order it here.

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Dro Carey is Tussin Underwater

Dro Carey is Tussin Underwater Dro Carey makes bleary eyed proto-crunk for skulking around shady corners in the twilight hours. So far he has just a couple of records under his belt, with the likes of Hum + Buzz and The Trilogy Tapes locking on to his twitchy, paranoid sound excursions. He also made one of our favourite contributions to Fact’s long running mix series with a gargantuan 40+ track effort. Now the baby faced Australian has released a nine track album for free called Tussin Underwater. It’s pretty damned sick touching on mutant strains of dubbed out bass and psychotic house music. Grab it here.

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