Wolf Cult Foundation revels in darkness

Wolf Cult Foundation revels in darkness Wolf Cult Foundation is another independent Prague fashion label to emerge last year (check out our article about another one with similarly eye-catching name Fat and Ugly).

Established in 2011 by Igor Bruso and run from Prague, WCF is inspired by Scandinavian black metal culture and thus swears by all things dark and ominous. Among its burgeoning, limited edition apparel so far are T-shirts (scoopneck) in monochrome – our favourite being the, alas, sold out one with tie die half black half white tee – but there is an imminent Spring collection in the making so watch out for more.

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An Ode to Raekwon

An Ode to Raekwon Raekwon is the Clan’s coolest member. There is no doubt about it. Just take an hour of your time and listen to Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Pt. II again. It’s the perfect post-Wu Tang album, for which of course J Dilla also deserves some credit, since it was mostly him who produced the beats. It looks like RZA, who basically produced the first Cuban Linx on his own, had other shit to do, like starring in movies or producing shitty beats (like the ones for New Day, which is the worst track on Watch the Throne.)

Anyway, as you can see there are plenty of good reasons for an Ode to Reakwon, and a rapper from New York called T-Shirt finally has the balls to express his gratitude. Listen to the old-school track here, watch the simple but powerful video here, and buy T-Shirt’s album I Should Just Chill here.

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