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#HDBOYZ get ‘Photoshopped’

#HDBOYZ get 'Photoshopped' #HDBOYZ, the world’s only internet-based boyband (formed based around a post on twitter) are the next wave of teen dream sensations. Connecting their love of virtual culture with the cultural worship of pre-fab pop, the five artists who make up this supergroup include Ryder Ripps (.gif authority and founder of digital past preservation/art collection Internet Archaeology), Aaron David Ross of horror-disco kings Gatekeeper, lead singer and former Cop Magnet Alex Kelley-Hoffman, video artist Colin Self, and Tabor Robak, whose video for Fatima al Qadiri‘s ‘Vatican Vibes‘ still leaves us melting. The group recently performed their latest single ‘Photoshopped’ live at MoMA PS1 for DISRT in REAL 3D/4D event, leaving teen queens screaming and boys rethinking their sexual orientation. Gain clarity:

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Fatima al Qadiri’s ‘Vatican Vibes’

Fatima al Qadiri's 'Vatican Vibes' Fatima al Qadiri is an artist who periodically makes our collective jaws drop. After melting into the void with her latest Tri Angle EP WARN-U, we were figuring on waiting at least a few more months before hearing more from her mystic vocal chords. Then, last night she premiered a brand-new music video that made us go ‘Holy shit’ really loud and then the barista got mad and told us to keep down the pottymouth. ‘Vatican Vibes’ is a cut off her brand new upcoming EP Genre-Specific Xperience, and each of the six tracks will be presented in music video format from six different next-level artists, including Kamau Patton, Leilah Weinraub, Sophia Al-Maria, Ryan Trecartin, Rhett LaRue, and in this case Tabor Robak. Ultra-futuristic, ‘Vatican Vibes’ takes a CGI tour through a virtual world made sterile by religion. Enjoy the religious experience below, and if you’re in New York City October 21st, be sure to see a screening of all six videos at the New Museum.

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