Simian Mobile Disco return with Unpatterns

Simian Mobile Disco return with Unpatterns English duo Simian Music Disco have announced their forthcoming album UNPATTERNS with an excerpt of the brand-new ‘Fourteenth Principles’ track. Though the tune lacks of bass and runs for only two minutes, it’s very interesting and we’re most definitely hooked again. Now, check out their newly designed website or just listen to the new song on their soundcloud and don’t miss the classic ‘I Believe’ video, made by Romain Gavras in 2007, below.

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Miike Snow is not Born To Die

Miike Snow is not Born To Die As reported earlier, Swedish-American indie-pop trio Miike Snow are returning in March with their second LP, Happy To You. Lately the boys have been sharing their gentle rhythmic charms with a series of teasers for the upcoming release. Part of these series is a 22-second video, as well as a fake newspaper called The Tiimes. Click here to check out the wanna-be newspaper, which includes an extra nice Coachella related story, and see if you can smell what the trio is hinting at whilst having a sneak peak below:

UPDATE: Miike Snow is also sharing another brand-new track called ‘Paddling Out’ from the new album:

Paddling Out by miikesnow

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