EB Readers Name Their Favorite Tunes

For 15 years, Electronic Beats has brought festivals to cities all over Europe, and we thought it was time to take a closer look at the people who dance with us. In our new photo column Track I See, we ask you to wax poetic about one of your favorite tracks at the moment, or whatever else you might be thinking about. All arms of Electronic Beats have roots in Cologne, so it was the logical starting point for kicking off the project, and more cities will follow.




“My boyfriend and me got together as “Baby Baby” by Robert Hood was being played in a club. Thanks to Efdemin for that!”

Current Jam: DJ Slugo “Ghetto” (Other People)



“A few years back, at Flow Festival in Helsinki, I was at a hotel room party—Björk’s hotel room—and I sat next to Feist, who had a show there. We talked a little, and I really wanted to tell her how much I liked that she covered James Blake’s “Limit to your love.” Lucky I didn’t, because the day after I found out that it was her track, and Blake did the cover.”
Current jam: Roosevelt “Night Moves” (Greco-Roman)



“I find it astonishing that music has the power to bring so many different people together, they are in on place just because of the music they like. For that time being, they build that one unique and temporary society, which seems to work out just fine.”
Current jam: Taylor Mcferrin “The Antidote” (Brainfeeder)


Moritz Redlin
“I love listening to music while I ride my bike through Cologne at night. The Flying Lotus track fits especially perfectly into the solitary atmosphere.”
Current Jam: Flying Lotus “Roberta Flack” (Warp)


“People tend to confuse me with Björk.”
Current jam: Jamie XX “Gosh” (Young Turks)



“I always leave the room with my right foot first.”
Current jam: Omar S. “Set It Out”


Anne Marie

“Black is such a happy color.”
Current jam: AMX “Mercy”


“I heard that gingers are lightweights.”
Current jam: Poka “99 Style”



“I’m the type of person who is always in need of stability and security in life. That’s probably why I love songs that give me the feeling of motion, the feeling of spontaneously running away, just because you can. Everyone knows cinnamon chasers luv deluxe, but it’s still one of my favourites for that reason.”
Current jam: Cinnamon Chasers – Luv Deluxe

Check out more photos by Nils vom Lande on Instagram. We’re on the lookout for talented photographers, who’d like to portray the people of their hometown for us. If you think that’s you, send an application to info@electronicbeats.net.

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