The xx – New music and video

The xx - New music and video Let’s be honest, the Christmas fairy dust can fade very quickly. The expanding waistline, looming credit card bills, beleaguered veins coursing with beer, red wine and Schnapps thicken our blood into the kind of adhesive normally reserved for industrial strength DIY products. What better way then to clear the blockage than with a belated gift from South London’s The xx? The band recently uploaded a demo of airy new track ‘Open Eyes’ from their upcoming sophomore album. No word yet on release date or producers, though we’re sure it’s pretty safe to say Jamie xx has secured the job. A gorgeous track, with luscious vocal melodies with the true treasure hidden in the details… the sound of someone pressing the spacebar at the very beginning, and then later, at just the right moment a bus passes by. Let’s hope the finished product retains this kind of intimacy. Merry Christmas. xx


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The XX working on second album

The XX working on second album We are sure we don’t need to introduce The XX to our readers, probably not even our grandparents. The band who had a stratospheric rise to fame last year with the beautifully bleak debut album are now working on the follow up. With a new website to document “our inspirations + pictures + favourite songs…” there is currently no word on a release date. However the blog has an intriguing set of pixelated images for you to stare at. Over and over and over. Immerse yourself here.

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