Zanshin – Rain Are In Clouds album stream

Zanshin - Rain Are In Clouds album stream Claustrophobic, nervous and intoxicating – as we reported last week Rain Are In Clouds is the latest offering from Austrian experimental composer Gregor Ladenhauf, aka Zanshin.

Taking the microscopic funk and fractal tones of artist like Autechre as his starting point, Rain Are In Clouds presents an immersive listening experience that is not unlike travelling through a busy train station on (naturally occurring) psychedelic drugs. Released on affine, home to EB favourite Dorian Concept, you can now stream the album in full below.

Zanshin – Rain Are In Clouds by affine records

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Zanshin’s Rain Are In Clouds finally gets released

Zanshin’s Rain Are In Clouds finally gets released The new Affine Records release is finally out and is surely one of the best reasons to throw a huge party. The magic will take place at the Morrison Club in Vienna with the night hosted by Jack by the Gap, which means things are definitely going to get sweaty.

Zanshin who is one half of the duo Ogris Debris, describes his music as “Autechre and Dimlite trying to melt Toblerone in the CERN particle generator in order to muffle Miles Davis’ trumpet with toffee quarks, with the resulting wormhole sucking Burial, Plaid and Supersilent on to the back of a Tortoise going right into a subterranean Monolake at the foot of the Eiger north face.” which sounds as weird and amazing as the record actually is.

In addition to Zanshin live you will get sounds from techno connoisseurs Laminat and Moggle.

Friday, October 28th, 2011
Morisson Club (next to Falcostiege / Naschmarkt / Vienna)
10 p.m.

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New Affine Records release in October

New Affine Records release in October By now you might have heard about the great Viennese label Affine Records that is home to such classy artists as Dorian Concept, JSBL, The Clonius, Cid Rim and Ogris Debris. The latter, to whom we referred to as “two ruffians from Austria” in an earlier post about their exclusive mix for EB, are true renaissance men. So it doesn’t come as a surprise when we heard that one half of Ogris Debris, Zanshin, is about to release a debut solo album called Rain Are In Clouds in the end of October. From what we can guess after hearing the preview ‘Pynncchyo’s Pyrrhusmite’ it’s going to be great.

Check it out!

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