7 Tracks That Defined Telekom Electronic Beats Clubnight Clubs In 2018

German promoters and club owners share their year-defining records from Mor Elian (pictured) to Neinzer.

Mor Elian

Earlier this week we shared our guide to the 20 tracks that defined the Berlin club scene in 2018. Now, we’ve asked some of the partners in our Telekom Electronic Beats Clubnight series to reflect on the tracks that defined the year for them. The resulting list provides a nice glimpse at the diversity of tastes within the German party landscape.

Le Dernier (Baka Gaijin, Düsseldorf): Unbalance, “Freedom” (Dolly 2017)

“This is the perfect track to transition between peak time and closing. ‘Freedom’, which was released on Steffi’s Dolly label. sparks a lot of nostalgia in me—the best possible way. It’s a timeless track full of warmth.”

Candy Pollard (WTF, Heilbronn): Neinzer, “Horus” (Timedance 2018)

“I first heard this track in one of Bake’s Rinse FM shows in 2017, and I was instantly hooked by its adventurous sound design, the build ups and break downs and the amazing drum programming. In early 2018, Ploy sent me the promo of the then forthcoming Timedance compilation Patina Echoes (which is sublime, by the way), and I was so happy to find this track on it. I’ve played it in almost every set for the next six months, and I still find myself playing it from time to time because it sounds so good on a club PA. It works both in the early hours of a night and during peak time to slow things down and add a little atmospheric touch. Simply great!”

DCHM (Mauke, Wuppertal): Mor Elian, “Persona Non Grata” (Hypercolour 2018)

“Mor Elian’s ‘Persona Non Grata’ is my personal 2018 highlight. From the moment I first listened to the record at the record store I was especially drawn to this track. Its rather monotonous structure, the pads that come in late and the crunchy drums really do it for me. The track feels alive and keeps shifting continuously to great hypnotic effect. It hasn’t left my bag since I bought it and it’s become one of my trusted faves and sure shots this year.”

David Muallem, (Blitz Club, Munich): Tessela, “With Patsy” (Poly Kicks 2016)

“I don’t think there is a single track that defines what Blitz Club is about. We focus on electronic dance music, yes. Nonetheless, I believe that our spectrum within this well defined territory is pretty much an open plane. The same accounts to our broad range of residents. Each and every one of them has an own style of selecting and playing out tracks. To really represent the past year of the club in its entirety, I guess more than a single track is needed. What I can do however, is to tell the story from my very own perspective.

I’ve been carrying Tessela’s ‘With Patsy’ in my record bag for quite some time. Basically since I bought the 12-inch at Munich’s Optimal when it got released back in 2016. I fell in love with it straight away, but it’s still hard to understand the power of this track without a massive sound system. When I first listened to ‘With Patsy’ on Blitz’s massive one, I realized the full potential of the tune. Since then it’s a sure shot at Blitz, be it at house, disco or techno nights. Somehow there is always a way to fit that tune in and pure dance floor ecstasy is guaranteed. Yes, the track definitely tells something about the club.”

Cosanne (True, Dortmund): Pional, “Tempest” (Permanent Vacation 2018)

“No matter who we talked to at the club this year, the name Pional was dropped without exception. Picking only one of his releases is not that easy though. Of all his tracks, ‘Tempest’ is definitely the one that has yielded the most energy on the floor time and time again. I still love to dance to it, too.”

Shumi (Gewölbe, Cologne): Bawrut, “More Cowbell (Original Mix)” (Ransom Note 2018)

“The tracks that caused most havoc on the dance floor at Gewölbe in 2018 came from the Italian, but Madrid-based producer Bawrut. All his tracks are great, but “More Cowbell” deserves a special mention. You can hear his passion for early Chicago house throughout most of his tracks, but his sound is still fresh with a modern edge. His DJ sets and his own label Silencio are highly recommended, too. I am sure we’ll hear a lot more about him in the not too distant future. Go Bawrut!”

Jonathan Kaspar (True, Dortmund): Baba Stiltz & Samo DJ, “Kling Party” (Born Free Records 2017)

“I am a bit late to the party here. I found this tantalizingly arranged track by chance only this year. Originally it came out in 2017. Since I got it on wax I’ve played it in pretty much every set. I love the raw and warm sound of it and it’s a track for any occasion. It doesn’t matter if I am playing the warm-up or the absolute peak-time, ‘Kling Party’ does the job no matter what. It’s one of my faves of 2018 even though it was released in 2017.”