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Terre Thaemlitz sets two records with new album Soulnessless

Terre Thaemlitz sets two records with new album Soulnessless ¿Hablas español? If the answer is yes and if you’re into multi-media producer and transgender activist Terre Thaemlitz, please continue reading. The Kawasaki based American artist is preparing the release of a new album Soulnessless, and with the album comes a video ‘component’ which needs translating into Spanish.

Thaemlitz is looking for a native Spanish speaker for the project press info, and he just posted the full English press info on his Facebook and website. Soulnessless will consist of 30 hours of audio as well as 80 minutes of video material. Along with the release there is a book of theoretical texts. Thaemlitz states that Soulnessless will be pushing “the boundaries of the album format in today’s post-CD era“, claiming to set two records as “The world’s longest album” and “The world’s first full-length MP3 album.

Of course, this wouldn’t be possible on CD or vinyl, and a digital download would still be quite a task. So Thaemlitz decided to release the whole thing on a 16GB MicroSD card with an optional USB card reader.

If you are excited about the project and feel safe language-wise as well as mentally fit in “Gender, transgender, queer, computer music, immigration, active invisibility, non-essentialist, non-superstitious, non-spiritual, non-religious, Catholicism“, please get in touch with Terre via email,

In related news, prepare for at least two further Thaemlitz releases in 2012: the Complete Swirl EP by Mark Fell and Terre’s DJ Sprinkles alter ego, also a collection of writings titled Nuisance – Writings on Identity Jamming and Digital Audio Production.

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Published December 28, 2011.