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The A-Z of King Midas Sound pt2

The A-Z of King Midas Sound pt2 Original
One thing we all hate is a biter. We work hard to try and present something new. So every one else should stop trying to make a sound they haven’t conceptually conceived.

Poetry is essential to us. The use of powerful images to represent the human condition is a central tenet of our song writing. Every time you write a song, every time you sing or record it, every time you buy a record, and listen to it song by song, you create a chance to show up and live. Yes living. That alert feeling you get after writing 20 so-so songs and then you create one great song. A song that you can see past the words, past form, past rhetorical devices, past imagery, past metaphor and melody something dripping with so much meaning for you and others that it will live through time and gives others a chance to live. When you write songs and make efforts to get those songs out to the public, it means that you are trying to send a message to the hearts of minds of your listeners that you’ve found them, and they are not alone. All good songs, (songs that trust it’s personal truth) are an act of love and heroism. So your record didn’t get a good review in The Guardian. So what, who cares – it’s bigger than that. Be humble and serve that larger truth of living and helping others to live, or else you’re missing the point.

Dokkebi Q
Is Kiki’s electro punk group she formed while living in Dalston, East London, with Gorgonn attacking DSP mashed and hybridized together with Kiki’s bewitchingly smoky and dreamlike vocals.

Rehearsal Studio
The Rehearsal Studio we use is like a second home for us now. Sometimes we practice for a show. Some times we use it just for the exploration of an idea. The concept of the rehearsal studio for us as a band is that it’s a place we could explore ideas in real time sound and playing together. Ideas that we have in the rehearsal studio also have a different dynamic from just receiving the beat and working on your individual vocal guitar and synth parts yourself before entering to record. This way it’s more holistic. We’re trying to get to the point where every idea is recorded and documented well when we get together so that we don’t have to stop to judge we can review what ideas were good later. We can just be creative.

Sub Bass
Sub bass is a central and essential part of KMS sound. Sub bass is where emotions and physicality synchronise. We want people to move but we also wanted people to be moved. We also are an extension of the tradition of dub music. Kevin’s use of sub bass came from the original feelings of euphoria he experienced at Aba Shanti Sound System dances. He always wanted to create that feeling but not necessarily within a pure dub genre but within a song framework where the sub bass also supports the lyrics within a song.

Vocally we are influenced by singers and vocalist with great tone. Garnett Silk, Vincent Gallo, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Gill Scott Heron, Leonard Cohen, Marlene Dietrich, Grace Jones. To be honest there are many brilliant singers like Whitney Houston and Luther Vandross who are technically perfect but do absolutely nothing for us. But the singers we list above have great tone in that their voices reflect more than one thing. It may be love with a hint of melancholy, or torch songs that reflect rebellion. It’s precisely their deficiencies in technical ability that allows them to achieve a tone that’s emotional to my ears. As singers we’re trying to get to tones that move the human spirit and raise emotions. Lofty I know but that’s what we want.

On U Sound
Adrian Sherwood’s unique take on Dub has always been an influence.

I have to do vocal exercises regularly to use my voice as an instrument. Right now I do Seth Riggs vocal program. Seth Riggs was Michael Jackson’s voice coach for thirty years. If I could just sing as good as Cornell Campbell when he sang King in My Empire I’ll be content.

Waiting for You
Is the name of our first album as King Midas Sound. On Waiting For You the big shape was melancholic mournful suffering in love.

X-tra Subs
Our tech rider calls for six extra subs to be brought in to the venue. We want people to feel the music filling them up like a vessel.

Yellow Man
Zungu Zung Zugu Zungu Zen. We met him at a festival and he was magnetic. He had real star quality but was also humble. He can also bubble on any beat given.

Zoo (London)
Kevin’s most influential album as The Bug on Ninja Tune.

Published November 02, 2011.