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The Asteroids Galaxy Tour live at Paradiso in review

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour live at Paradiso in review Is there anything better than seeing artists evolve? When The Asteroids Galaxy Tour toured Europe during their Electronic Beats presented club tour in 2009, later played Electronic Beats Festival Graz in 2010 and finally stopped by at Amsterdam’s Paradiso in November 2011, they already left us euphoric and sweat-soaked to the bone. Yesterday night, the Danish band returned to the Netherlands capital for their next EB presented show at Paradiso, but this time they were playing the big hall, not the small club.

When faced with high expectations, some artists don’t keep up with a broader audience’s hopes – but not so The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. What we experienced wasn’t just a very professional band with a musically gifted singer, but an even tighter performance than the ones we saw during the last three years. But let’s start at the beginning.

Opening up for TAGT was locals Color Ones, warming up the stage with post-punk influenced rhythms and disco-pop melodies. A good and solid show, although everyone seemed to be be champing at the bit, waiting for Mette Lindberg and band to take the stage – the task of support band is sometimes a thankless one. Keep an open eye on The Color Ones though, you won’t be regretting it!

Finally, The Asteroids went up onstage, with Mette sporting a golden body in-between a golden stage setting. Having already mentioned their tighter performing skills, let’s point out that both their albums have been played to big parts, with the set’s most notable tracks being ‘Heart Attack’, ‘Major’, ‘Push The Envelope’, ‘The Golden Age’, ‘Out Of Frequency’, ‘Theme From 45 Eugenia’, and ‘Lady Jesus’. In front of the 1.500+ audience (making this a sold out show in a very packed venue) The Asteroids Galaxy Tour played approximately 90 minutes before heading off to the merch table to sell and sign their stuff. Needless to say that this was the icing on the cake for their fans.

Don’t believe a word? Catch up with TAGT at one of their next shows (or at Electronic Beats Festival Bratislava 2012 in May) then and see for yourself – you’ll be blown into outer space by this band’s stage power!

Photos: © Jos Kottmann / Electronic Beats

Published April 24, 2012.