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The Book’s Cover: Meagan Fredette

Every time I hear the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover” I cringe.

Though well-meaning, as an idiom it stopped making sense when most books (and people) ceased to be covered by whatever old piece of brown sacking happened to be laying outside the village weaver’s hut. Of course you can judge something by surface appearance. That’s why we have graphic designers. Rarely do people have time to read a book before purchasing to determine the contents; in the same way, who has the chance to read a person before having any thoughts on the subject? True, the contents are the most important things, but what makes you discover those contents in the first place? Your eyes; your sense of aesthetics. A good cover speaks volumes, and The Book’s Cover gives voice to those who wear theirs well.

Meagan Fredette might have dubbed her blog latter Style, but when it comes to engaging writing and inspirational style, I place it firmly near the front. The Chicago-based writer is clever, beautiful, and possessed of immense good taste; how many style blogs feature the proprietor doing Cocteau Twins karaoke? Not enough, I’d say. Her wardrobe blends elements of timeless, ethereal elegance and post-subcultural fetishism (how long before Zana Bayne’s wonderful harnesses become as ubiquitous an accessory as pierced ears?), set with touches of playful shoegaze tendencies.

Along with the eye-pleasing photos and tidbits of information about her home and travels, Meagan also devotes space to calling out cultural appropriation in fashion and music, be it Madonna’s late ’90s visuals or white models in Native American “couture”. It’s style writing from a modern feminist perspective, something that inspires Meagan heavily. In a recent interview for Majestic Disorder, she stated, “One of the things that I love most about feminism is its ability to let women express themselves through dressing without having to subscribe to certain standards of beauty. We can choose to express ourselves the way we want.”

What’s Meagan’s ideal cover? Let’s find out.



1. Current / Elliot The Skinny Ankle in Indigo Tie-Dye

“I’ve recently begun wearing pants again after a years-long moratorium. These are dreamy!”

2. Made Her Think Haunted Druzy Necklace

“Statement necklaces are a staple of my wardrobe. This one looks like it came from an enchanted castle.”

3. Rachel Comey Kestral Dress

“Dreamlike prints are my weakness, and this one feels like a Cocteau Twins song.”

4. Wolverine 1000 Mile x Samantha Pleet Boots

“Black and blue are my two favorite colors to wear together, and what better do it than on a hardy pair of ankle boots?”

5. Charlotte Olympia Lunatic Clutch

“I’m not much of a bag person, so in order for a bag to catch my eye it needs be really special. This bag satisfies my celestial desires.”

6. Venessa Arizaga Tinsel Bracelet

“Venessa Arizaga is one of my favorite accessory designers, and this bracelet feels nostalgic and familiar.”

7. J.W. Anderson for Topshop Quilted Silk Paisley Top

“Two of my favorite things, dreamy paisley and a good t-shirt silhouette.”

8. Girl. by Band of Outsiders Printed Silk Chiffon Skirt

“I live in long skirts so this is a no-brainer.” ~

Published January 02, 2013. Words by Daniel Jones.