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The day after: What happened at Modeselektor’s EB guerilla office party

So, let’s talk last night: We had the Modeselektor takeover of all day with Gernot and Szary sharing their current musical favourites and artists, the best ‘Ost’ dishes, their mastering studio, the greatest music videos and the alphabet according to Modeselektor. The office day finally culminated into a 150 minute guerilla office party action: We had beer, a sound system, a strobe light, guests were arriving and Modeselektor, Shed, Phon.o, Benjamin Damage and Doc Daneeka literally took down the wallpaper in the end. But first things first:

Benjamin Damage and Doc Daneeka started the night with a back 2 back dj set. The two UK producers, now based in Berlin and part of Modeselektor’s 50Weapons record label family, were playing a bouncing set ranging from techno to house to UK funky and garage. Next up was Shitkatapult and Monkeytown regular Phon.o with one of his live sets – catch a glimpse of his prodcution skills with his latest mix for Electronic Beats Radio.


During his set the room temperature was already close to the boiling point, but that was nothing compared to what should be coming: When Shed finally took over he increased the room temperature to the max with his happy hardcore set – what a killer!! In the meantime Szary and friends started tearing down the wallpapers and adding a custom made gaffer tape Monkeytown monkey to the Electronic Beats conference room wall.

And then there was the Modeselektor dj set: they brought their own killer tracks (‘Evil Twin’, ‘Monkeyflip’, ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘War Cry’, ‘Blue Clouds’) as well as those of own projects or befriended artists (Moderat’s ‘New Error’, ‘Das Geheimnis’ by Siriusmo among others). There was bass and acid music madness, there was live gaffer tape painting, strobe light craze, a champagne shower and lots of beer, smokes and dancoing people.

In short: we had so much fun! And then there were the 3766 UStream viewers: thanks to everyone of you for tuning in last night and once again: apologies for the low video qualitym – we now know how much bandwith we need for our next Electronic Beats office party to deliver you a non-pixeled video stream. And: we’ll let you know about publishing the night’s recordings asap.

Published October 05, 2011.