Telekom Electronic Beats

The EB Radio App: Portable Beats

From streaming live performances from our Electronic Beats Festival series to hundreds of exclusive mixes from artists as diverse as neo-dubstep wunderkind James Blake to Bestial Mouths’ biting post-punk, EB Radio has something for any discerning music fan’s ears to enjoy. With our Radio app, connecting yourself to the sounds you love has never been easier. The app is available for both iPhone (download) and Android (download).

If you live in an urban hub like our headquarters in Berlin, then you know how hard it is to keep track of every single event happening—even in a week. With just a quick, free and simple installation, the EB Radio app gives you plenty to play with:

– On demand streaming of over 350 mixes and live cuts by dozens of artists including GrimesDepeche ModeKarin Park, and many more
– 24/7 on demand streaming of all EB radio content
– Push-notifications for recent news concerning EB radio
– Up to ten mixes can be downloaded and saved to your device (depending on what device you have)

Sounds pretty handy, right? What are you waiting for? Download the app for iOS or Android.

Published June 20, 2013.