The Network Awesome Show #1

Words by Michael Aniser

Imagine Stereo Total, Puppetmastaz, DAT Politics, Miss Kenechi, Anklepants, Guido Möbius, Rubbish Fairy and more artists coming together and throwing a ’70s style “TV Party“… green screens and all. Add an exciting venue—the NK-Project in the heart of Neukölln—and you have a pretty cool TV show on the fringe of contemporary culture.


We have already featured Network Awesome, who’ve also recently started to produce Boiler Room Berlin, on quite heavily. Read our Interview with Jason Forrest, who is the man behind this online TV station to get an idea what this is all about.

Hosted by Electronic Beats Author David Strauss, the new web series will premiere each Tuesday on Network Awesome and will be available on YouTube the same day. You can stream the first episode below: