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The Radio Sessions: Bestial Mouths


We’re just going to come out and say it: this is the best Radio Session.


The one with The Orb was cool. The show with EB editors Louise and Daniel was fun. But this… this is the best. No bombast; it just is.

Bestial Mouths create some of the most powerful post-punk we’ve heard in years, but their sound goes beyond the simple definitions of labels: here you’ll find pure emotion, sonic chaos given aural form through banshee synths, pounding percussion and Lynette Cerezo’s soul-rending vocals. Their debut LP Hissing Veil is a perfectly arranged medley of the darkest of sounds: heavily tribal without being primitive, gothic with none of the dulled subcultural stigmata, industrial in ways that echo their West Coast synthpunk influences. Their recent live cassette shows just how strong they’ve made themselves since their earliest incarnation as SWFT WNGS.

While on the air with us, they discussed their recent European tour with Animal Bodies (another highly recommended group) as well as the challenges of updating the idealism of goth—while leaving tired cliches in the dust. Listen to the whole radio show tonight on FluxFMstarting at 10pm (CET). Tune in through terrestrial radio or, if you’re outside Germany, head to the stream. If you missed it (and shame on you) then you catch up with the first hour through FluxFM’s on demand feature on Friday. We’ll be posting their Radio Mix in a few days as well, and we can’t wait to hear the sounds they have for us.


Published December 05, 2012. Words by EB Radio.