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The Radio Sessions – Electronic Beats On Air with Chymera on FluxFM

Brenden Gregoriy seems to have a thing for water. As his production alter-ego Chymera, he’s come back to this theme again and again, blending organic and synthetic sounds on tracks like ‘The Drop’, ‘Swim Away’ and ‘Midnight At The Aquarium’. “‘Water’ you talking about” we said to him before referencing #seapunk and dying our hair aquamarine. This might not have had much of an effect (we’ll be checking his twitter later to see) but he did have plenty to say about his move from Ireland to Barcelona, as well as his current home in Berlin and his new album Death By Misadventure. Dive in and find out more!

You can listen to the whole radio show with Chymera on Thursday, July 5th via FluxFM, starting at 10pm (GMT+1) – tune into FluxFM via terrestrial radio or via live stream (worldwide).

A rerun of the show’s first hour will be available on demand on FluxFM’s website from Friday, July 6th, with the DJ mix following a couple of days later on The Radio Sessions is a weekly show so make sure to tune in next week!

Published July 05, 2012.